Bloodshed will continue in Balochistan, unless we show unity to our common enemies: Akhtar Mengal

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QUETTA: Nations living in Balochistan are responsible for the unrest in our common land, because we couldn’t even recognized our friends and enemies, differences among nations plunged Balochistan into more bloodshed. BNP Chief said.
“Today every single home in Balochistan has a widow, dozens of children are helpless in our province, all nations living in Balochistan have lost their loved ones due to ethnic hate fueled by our common enemies.” BNP Mengal Chief Akhter Jan Mengal said while addressing a public gathering at Alamdar road.
During the public gathering Independent Candidate Tahir Hazara has announced his withdrawal from NA 264 and NA 265 in favor of BNP candidates Nawabzada Haji Lashkari Raisani and Abdul Wali Kakar.
Senator Dr. Jahanzaib Jamaldini, former MNA Nasir Ali Hazara, Sajid Tareen Advocate and people from Hazara tribe were gathered in the election alliance amid BNP and Tahir Hazara.
“I have been feeling ashamed while facing the people of Hazara tribe, because the beleaguered community have been facing genocide from past two decades, Hazara nation are tired of lifting bodies of their loved ones.” Akhtar Jan Mengal said and added who is responsible for atrocities committed on Hazara community.
He added, during the era of NAP Baloch, Pahstoon, Hazara and other nations were living as one community and Balochistanis, there were no reports that any nation hurled a stone on others,
“Today we have been divided as separate nations, our enemies cultivated seeds of ethnic hate among all nations in Balochistan, the forces want to fuel more unrest in Balochistan so they could easily exploit the resources of people of Balochistan.”
Talking on the mega corruption in Balochistan by previous regimes BNP Chief said, people don’t had a cycle, today become billionaire and traveling on their private helicopters after looting the rights and due share of people of Balochistan,
“After Nawab Bugti’s assassination we segregated ourselves from government, despite facing immense challenges BNP is the only party which is still standing on its ideology and never compromised on the rights of people of Balochistan.” Mengal added.
Lauding Tahir Hazara’s withdrawal from National Assembly’s constituencies BNP leader Nawabzada Haji Lashkari Raisani said, BNP Mengal has pledged people of Balochistan that their rights would be protected in Parliaments at all costs,
“Tough today our province is stricken with myriad of crisis which can’t be addressed by a single nation, we all have to share our due role to reprieve the province from crisis.”

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