Al Fatah Penal led by Sardar Hasani announces Election alliance with BAP

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QUETTA: Chairman of Al Fatah Penal Senator Sardar Fateh Muhammad Muhammad Hassani has joined hands of Balochistan Awami Party on Friday and formed alliance following general elections.
President Balochistan Awami Party Jam Kamal Aliyani has termed the alliance with Al Fatah Penal as an unprecedented of Balochistan Political history and vowed the alliance will be continue after General elections.
Addressing a Joint Press Conference in Quetta Press Club Chairman Al Fatah Penal PPP’s Senator Sardar Fateh Muhammad Hassani said, I haven’t tendered my resignation to the Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari but if they want to sack from PPP they can.
“I have been contesting elections from Al Fatah Penal based on tribal elders and people of NA 268, PPP didn’t issues ticket for me therefore I don’t care if they are willing to sack me from their party.” Sardar Hassani said and added our alliance will be continued after the elections.
Balochistan Awami Party has withdrawn its candidate Mir Ejaz Raisani from NA 268 in favor of Sardar Fateh Muhammad Hassani and BAP announced their full support for Mr. Hassani.
Responding to Hasil Bizenjo’s comments on BAP’s future Jam Kamal Aliyani said, many people have been speculations regarding our party’s future and predicting that it would be wiped out after elections,
“We emerged with Balochistan Awami Party with the will of people of Balochistan and our party will form next provincial government with our collation partners.” He said and added BAP will sustain forever.
Slamming NP’s performance in Balochistan President BAP said, despite ruling the province for four and half years, National Party foiled to deliver here but their members were busy in filling their personal interests,
“Balochistan Awami Party BAP’s vision is good governance in Balochistan and clinch the due rights from Federal for the people of Balochistan.” Jam Kamal added.
Secretary General BAP Manzoor Khan Kakar said, our alliance with Al Fatah Penal would be the last nail in coffin of Nationalists politicians, “Balochistan Awami Party is platform of all nations living in Balochistan without having ethnic hate.”

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