After strengthening democratic powers we can gift public government to the people of Balochistan: Akhtar Mengal

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QUETTA: Balochistan National Party Mengal is the only political force in Balochistan which has been striving for the rights of people of Balochistan, following our ideology towards Balochistan many people today joining our hands. Akhtar Mengal said.
“Loyal and veteran tribal and political figures in Balochistan have accepted our strive for Balochistan, we have pledged with people of Balochistan to reprieve the province from problems existing here from decades.”Akhter Mengal said on Friday after Moham Jan and Ashraf Magsi independent Candidates withdrawn in favor of BNP.
Akhtar Mengal said, BNP is contesting elections to provide all facilities to the downtrodden people of Balochistan whose due rights being stolen by federal government from decades,
“Despite having natural resources within their own land, still people of Balochistan are living in stone ages, BNP has vowed to end sense of deprivation among the people of Balochistan.” BNP Chief added.
The withdrawn candidates Muhim Jan and Ashraf Magsi said, due to positive thoughts and loyal movement for the people of Balochistan, we have decided to join hands of Akhtar Jan Mengal.

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