Politics for personal gains is hypocrisy not politics: Jan Mohammad Dashti

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QUETTA: Politics has nothing to do with falsehood and deception it is the name of enlightenment. Public chose their representatives for a particular cause.
The politicians must act honestly and according to the wishes of people. Those who play politics for personal gains i perceive it hypocrisy not politics.
The member of Balochistan National Party (BNP), Jan Mohammad Dashti, while addressing with the people from various perspectives said boycott from five general elections was a huge blunder we made in past. Owing to this blunder, non-political elements found the opportunity to occupy illegally on parliamentary politics. Parliament is an effective platform to resolve the issues of nation.
He said, “if he would be elected and given a chance, he would remain accountable before people.”
He said, “People not only vote me in upcoming general election, yet I want them to be the part of my caravan.”
While answering a question, he said, Baloch people should not have to boycott prior elections at any cost. Those boycotts have damaged the politics of the province harmfully.
He said, all politicians are respectable before me because they were elected by people through vote.
He said, if elected he would raise the voice for the rights of the people of Balochistan in national assembly and steps would be taken to give employment to the youth of Balochistan.
In his concluding remarks, he said, there is a general perception in our political parties; they give the name of worker to the members of party. I do not perceive anyone the worker of party; rather I consider them my companions.

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