Sanaullah Zehri slams Akhtar Mengal over BNP Alliance with JUI F

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QUETTA: The BNP M’s chief has always kept himself disguised in JUI F, Akhter Mengal was the 2nd signatory after Qudus Bizenjo who derailed the democratic elected government in Balochistan. Former Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri said.
“I am urging people of Mengal tribe to elect representatives who really cares for the people of Wadh because the city has history of distinguish Sardars but still the city and people are deprived of basic facilities.” Nawab Sanaullah Zehri said while addressing a news conference in Khuzdar on Thursday.
Flanked with National Party (NP)’s candidate Sardar Aslam Bizinjo who is contesting election on PB 39 Naal/ Khuzdar former Chief Minister said, people of Balochistan should oust politicians calling themselves nationalists but seek to reach in Assembly with the help of establishment,
Slamming BNP Chief Akhter Mengal over his role in ousting PML N Government in Balochistan Nawab Sanaullah Zehri said, Akhtar Mengal was the 2nd signatory after Qudus Bizenjo while they tabled no-confidence motion against our government,
“Today they have been claiming of being democratic but they were fervent part of an un-democratic move which derailed an elected government.” Former chief Minister said.
He added, JUI F was enjoying four ministries in Federal and in Balochistan they were pretending to be an opposition but when Qudus Bizenjo called them for un-democratic move, JUI F and Akhtar Mengal were the first ones who grotesquely supported Bizenjo.
He urged people of Balochistan to stand steadfast against these leaders luring people of Balochistan with stoking ethnic hate.
Former Chief Minister has been contesting general elections on PML N ticket from PB 38 and NA 269.

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