Akhter Mengal optimistic for victory over BNP and JUI F alliance

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QUETTA: Balochistan National Party BNP Mengal and JUI F are replete with political workers have strong ideology towards their parties, workers should refrain from negative propaganda against the alliance and focus on general elections. BNP Chief said.
“BNP and JUI F have political alliance in Balochistan since NAP was formed, both parties didn’t emerge on to gain political interest but busy in politics in Balochistan following strong ideological basis.” Akhter Jan Mengal said while addressing political workers of both parties in Khuzdar.
BNP and JUI F including MMA formed an alliance on PB 38 Zehri, Moula, Kirkh and PB 39 Khuzdar/ Naal, where Wadera Abdul Khaliq Zehri and Mir Younus Aziz Zehri have been contesting election within the JUI F and BNP alliance.
“We both have political workers who haven’t been deterred despite faced immense atrocities and injustices, 25 July is the day of victory of BNP and JUI, therefore workers shouldn’t focus on negative rumors.” Akhtar Jan Mengal added.
BNP Chief said, both parties have a strong alliance, despite some elements introducing fake leadership in Balochistan but people of Balochistan have always voted for candidates with lightening characters.
“New alliance being formed against BNP and JUI F but they have no long lasted political future, our people must avoid electoral candidates using money for buying votes.” He urged BNP and JUI F’s political workers.
He added, we have always been raise voice for Balochistan’s due rights, if people give us chance after elections, indeed our prime responsibility would be to make people of Balochistan owner of their natural resources.

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