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Akhter Mengal slams former opposition leader over remarks on BNP

08/06/18   QUETTA BalochistanExpress:
After sitting in Government for five years and taking all perks as Ministers, former opposition parties had pretended as leading all opposition members. BNP Chief Akhter Mengal said.
“Balochistan National Party Mengal won’t allow anyone to steal our mandate as they did in 2013 elections, those enjoyed in government for five years, at the end attempted to occupy opposition benches as well.” Akhter Mengal said while addressing Party gathering in Kalat on Friday.
Sharing his views on PML N’s stance and yelling over aliens who ousted Nawaz Sharif’ government Mengal said, BNP M was exposing aliens for killing people of Balochistan, destroying our house but none took it seriously but when kings of Punjab had been deprived from rule they also commenced yelling of aliens,
“Unfortunately in our country there is no value of human being and political workers, but when some ruler get ousted from government he starts pointing out aliens.” Mengal added.
Lambasting newly formed Balochistan Awami Party (BAP Akhter Mengal said, I am glad the political orphanage have found their father in face of BAP, “BNP won’t believe in green signal, those always did politics on signals by aliens (Mai BAP) are joining new political party.”
Replying to a question regarding political betray he faced during his career Akhter Mengal said, we have bad experience of trusting others for political alignment, “Following rules, the government and opposition takes on board all parties while naming caretaker CM, but we haven’t been contacted by both sides.”
Meanwhile a Jirga conducted by hierarchies of Mengal tribe in Wadh headed by Sardar Akhter Jan Mengal to review the next general elections strategy on Friday.
Addressing the Jirga Sardar Mengal said, Balochistan National Party Mengal is going to contest next general elections with full fervor, our major approach is to provide relief to the downtrodden people of Balochistan,
“I want to assure the people of Balochistan that, instead of rule on the people we are going to strive for basic rights for the people of Balochistan, people who always trusted BNAP and our family, we won’t let them face more despondency.” Akhter Mengal vowed.


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