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CM Bizenjo announces boycott of Parliamentary Committee’s meeting

06/06/18   QUETTA BalochistanExpress: Terming the Parliamentary Committee as controversial Chief Minister Balochistan Qudus Bizenjo on Tuesday announced the government has decided to boycott Parliamentary Committee pushing the matter of selecting caretaker CM Balochistan into further delays.
“The current opposition members headed by PK MAP’s Abdul Rahim Ziartwal didn’t take on board other opposition parties including JUI F, BNP M and ANP during shortlisting their candidates for caretaker CM Balochistan.” Qudus Bizenjo said and announced we have decided not to proceed talks for caretaker set up with controversial opposition leader.
He shared these views while addressing a Press Conference flanked with Tahir Mehmood, Mir Sarfaraz Domki and Syed Agha Raza at Chief Minister House on Tuesday night.
He added, the opposition leader issue is already pending in Balochistan High Court and they didn’t take on board other opposition parties during shortlisting their name for caretaker CM, clearly violating A clause of Article 224.
Slamming PK MAP for violating constitutional procedure Qudus Bizenjo said, the champions of democracy have deliberately violated constitutional procedure and by-passed other opposition parties,
“I think Mehmood Khan Achakzai had also been kept in dark side during shortlisting names for caretaker CM Balochistan by opposition party but they should have contacted with other opposition parties as well.”
Giving his response on Government’s boycott from Parliamentary Committee opposition leader Abdul Rahim Ziartwal said, JUI F and BNP Mengal were part of the government from behind the scene,
“BNP Mengal and JUI F supported current government set up during ousting PML N, PK MAP and NP regime from the province, how can a member attended only three Assembly Session can claimed to be the opposition leader.
Replying to a query regarding Government purpose named for Caretaker CM Balochistan Qudus Bizenjo said, from the first we have been stressing upon to introduce a young and non-political caretaker CM Balochistan because names emerged from opposition side are above the age of 60.
Accepting failure of his five month government Qudus Bizenjo said, I am not satisfied from my performance during Chief Minister of the province our system is full with flaws where no one can perform for the people independently,
“Majority of my staff have spent time in court since I joined CM Office, how can my team deliver for the people of Balochistan.”
He added, its depicting that Judicial Martial Law has been imposed in Pakistan as government’s aren’t allowed to work freely without facing court restrictions, whether Judiciary, Judiciary and Bureaucracy all institution should work within their boundaries.


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