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Parliamentary body formed to name caretaker CM Balochistan

05/06/18   QUETTA BalochistanExpress: The first meeting of Parliamentary Committee comprising on four members from Government and Opposition is expected to launch first round of talks to finalize caretaker CM Balochistan.
The Government and Opposition have announced their parliamentary committee members on Monday as erstwhile six round of talks thwarted to yield a unanimous name for caretaker CM Balochistan to run Government affairs till elections.
Tahir Mehmood, Sarfaraz Domki and Amanullah Notezai are included in Government’s Parliamentary Committee while former Chief Ministers Dr. Malik Baloch, Nawab Sanaullah Zehri and Agha Liaquat will fight from opposition side to bring their caretaker CM.
According to Government sources Alla ud Din Marri and Sardar Shoukat Populzai are expected to be Government’s Parliamentary name for caretaker CM Balochistan and the opposition going to produce previous names of Aslam Bhotani and Jahangir Ashraf Qazi.
CM Balochistan Qudus Bizenjo had pledged to bring a non-political figure as Caretaker CM who could lead the province towards election process fairly and according to government internal sources Alla ud Din Marri is the favorite candidate of provincial government.
The Opposition Leader Abdul Rahim Ziaratwal adamant on his proposed names and vowed to bring caretaker CM keeping foremost province’s interest.
Six sittings between Bizenjo and Ziartwal foiled in yielding any name as both side didn’t succeed to develop bilateral consensus.
The Parliamentary Committee has three days to announce a unanimous name for caretaker CM or after three days Election Commission will decide the final name for caretaker CM Balochistan.


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