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Instead of catchy slogans, no real change was experienced in Balochistan: Manzoor Kakar

04/06/18   QUETTA BalochistanExpress: Since last 70 years, we have listened catchy slogans of change in Balochistan, but never experienced change in province. The political parties have not played even a tiny role in the development of province, but most often they played politics on the name of development of Balochistan.
The general sectary of Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), Manzoor Kakar while speaking at the occasion of participation of new female workers in Quetta press club said, the new participants would bring their all capabilities into practice to organize the party in overall Balochistan.
He said, the credit of peace in Balochistan goes to the law enforcement agencies of the province.
He said, people are still taking advantage of the developmental works took place in British era. But after the withdrawal of British forces from the area, no developmental work, including colleges, universities and industries took place in the province.
He said, unemployment is on its climax in province, but not project was planned by federal government to overcome unemployment ratio.
He said, people have gauged the performance of all the political parties, but in result find nothing more than despondency and mistrust. But unlike other political parties, who decided the fate of Balochistan in Bilawal house or Banigala, but the decisions of Balochistan would be taken in province once the BAP was empowered.
He further said, “all the political parties are respectable before him, but could not keep silence on the condition of people.”
He said Society is going towards uncertainty; we are losing our trust on each other.
Couple of years before, no one was safe in Balochistan, including doctors, judges and even the ordinary people prefer to stay in their homes. Handful of countries is plotting schemes against Pakistan. Our law enforcement agencies have not only foiled their nefarious designs rather make province a peaceful abode.
He said, quality education must be given to our children. In order to overcome unemployment rate, there is need of intensifying both private and agriculture sector. But due to the ineptness of our leaders, both these sectors are on the verge of devastation.
He said, we wish the women to play their equal role in politics of the country, as the male and female are equal in our society.
He said, BAP has taken politics out of draining rooms and bring it in streets. He said those who work for the establishment and organization of party, they would test the fruit of it.
He said, BAP is not the party of a particular group, rather people from every walk of life are part of our party.
While speaking with people, the new female participant Sana Durani said, after reading the manifesto of BAP, we have realized that other parties have done nothing for the people instead of empty slogans of change. BAP through its manifesto would bring real change in Balochistan.
She said, the policies of BAP are clear related to the prevention of corruption and women right and safeguard of human rights.


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