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Iran reopens trade gate in Taftan

04/06/18   CHAGAI BalochistanExpress: Local level trade activities formally resumed today after Iranian authorities reopened mutual trade gate Zero Point in Taftan area of Chagai district.
The Zero Point gate had been closed for over five months due to unknown reasons by Iranian side. Thousands of laborers and hundreds of businessman became unemployed and shortage of Iranian commodities was noticed during last five months.
People in Taftan town expressed their happiness over resumption of trade activities through Zero Point gate. Local officials in Taftan confirmed the reopening of mutual trade gate and said export of Pakistani commodities would be commenced soon.
It should be mentioned here that this development surfaced after a meeting between Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Khan Sanjarani and Iranian ambassador Mehdi Hunardost two days agao who also discussed Pak Iran trade gate’s closure in their meeting.


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