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Balochistan Assembly unanimously approved resolution seeks one month delay in elections

31/05/18   QUETTA BalochistanExporess: The Balochistan Assembly on Wednesday unanimously approved a resolution tables by Sarfarz Bugti urging Election Commission of Pakistan to hold general elections in August rather than in July 25th.
As tabled before Aftar break the Home Minister cited majority of people in July would be in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj and people some area leaves the province following flash-flood.
But later Sarfaraz Bugti replaced erstwhile points with hot weather and urged the elections commission to hold elections in end of August as simmering weather could affect election in July.
“Sitting inside polling station without electricity would be difficult for polling staff to continue voting in some parts of Balochistan, which is for the Provincial Assembly seeks one month delay in general elections.” Sarfaraz Bugti said while tabling the resolution.
He added, holding general elections in the last week of August won’t affect democracy because the beauty of democratic process relies with public participation.
While addressing on the resolution chief Minister Balochistan Abdul Qudus Bizenjo, following concerns on new delimitations we can’t cable to hold elections in Julay,
“We have previous precedents where elections dates had been extended, notwithstanding the hot weather lack of facilities also could create hurdles in holding elections in Balochistan. He added.
Talking on the uproar and brawl caused by PK MAP members Qudus Bizenjo said, Pashtuns representatives have right to demand separate province but to meet the demand they should follow democratic and constitutional way and bring resolution for separate province,
“We have been striving for Baloch Pashtun equal rights, but making uproar in the house can’t resolve issues.”
He added, Balochistan isn’t a colony for anyone and we won’t allow further to impose decision from other cities upon people of Balochistan, “Today champions of democracy have been supporting former Prime Minister Sharif who commence politics with the support of former dictator Zia ul Haq.”
After simmering debate on the resolution by opposition and government members the house unanimously approved the resolution and decided to discuss the issue with Federal Government.


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