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GoB approves cloud seeding for artificial rain in drought hit areas

22/05/18   QUETTA BalochistanExpress: In a meeting with Russians Experts, CM Balochistan approved could seeding and artificial rain in drought hit district of Balochistan optimistic to control drought situation in the province.
A delegation of Climate Global Control Trading Company Russian based firm headed by Maxim Lavrov the CEO met Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Abdul Qudus Bizenjo in Quetta.
The Russian Climate Change Experts briefed CM Balochistan regarding cloud seeding and artificial rain, a practice successfully used and drought hit regions of the world.
The company has been granted approval for their initial experiment in Gawadar’s Sanor and Akra Kor Dams where artificial rain would be showered.
The Russian Experts of CGCTC in previous meeting with CM Balochistan showed their interest in discovering water reservoirs in Balochistan and asked CM Balochistan to allow them use modern technology against drought.
CM Balochistan applauded the CGCTC’s interest in artificial rain in Balochistan and directed authority to proceed with further legal arrangements.
“Balochistan has been badly hit with drought from past many years as majority parts our province are deprived of rain, our agriculture and livestock have reached on the edge destruction.” Qudus Bizenjo said while talking to the Russian delegations.
He added, could seeding and artificial rain would end drought in Balochistan and helpful for water storage to boost up our agriculture sector.
Showing their interest in fisheries in Balochistan’s coastal belt the CEO Maxim Lavrov told the CM Balochistan that, their company has experiences experts of fisheries,
“The Company could equipped local fishermen with modern boats and could enhances their fishing technique with full safety;.” The CEO added.
CM Balochistan Mir Abdul Qudus Bizenjo has welcomed CCCTC’s interest in fisheries and directed concern authorities of full cooperation, “The Provincial Government seeks to fully equip our fishermen in Gawadar, Ormara, Jewni other coastal belt.”


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