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Man in love with cellphone girl has his eyes gouged out by father in Loralai

15/05/18   QUETTA BalochistanExpress: The eyes of man gouged out by father including brothers when he desired to marry on his will in Nasirabad area of District Loralai. While the local police has apprehended father along with brothers and rushed the injured to nearby hospital for treatment.
According to the sources, the eyes of man, named Abdul Baqi, gouged out by father and brothers when he showed aspiration of marrying on his will with a girl belongs to the Duki area.
According to the Police official of respective area,” the man had lost his both eyes.”
The victim while discussing with newsman said, “they, my father and brothers, took my mother in another room and tied me with ropes.
Later on, they gouged my eyes out through spoon and chopped them off with knife.” He further said, “he liked a girl from Duki, my father and my brothers were not happy with my this choice, they often told me that they would never let me to marry with a girl who chat chats with me on Mobile Phone. They told me that they were “Mullas” religious man they could not bear such kind of relation.”
The injured was rushed to civil hospital Quetta for medical treatment, while due to the absence of eye specialist in civil hospital quetta, the injured was referred to helpers eye hospital. However, treatment of injured could not commenced immediately due to the absence of eye spacilits in helper hospital too. The brother of victim has appealed the government to assist them for the treatment of their brother.


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