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Journalist Protests torture against colleague by Hospital Security guards in Quetta

15/05/18   QUETTA: The Balochistan Union of Journalist (BUJ) protested during Assembly Budget Session against torture on VOA Urdu correspondent Murtaza Zehri by Sheikh Zahid Hospital’s Security Guards on Monday.
boycotted Provincial Assembly’s budget session against the torture on colleague and blocked Zarghoon road to register their protest. They chanted fully throat slogans against the administration of Sheikh Zahid Hospital and demanded immediate dismissal of MS and security guards beaten Journalist.
Murtaza Zeb Zehri was reporting Sheikh Zahid Hospital’s recent job scandal when the administration ordered security guards to beat him and break his camera.
“I was covering a story when the director ordered security guards to snatch my camera, five security guards beaten me and deliberately broke my camera.” Murtaza Said Zehri Urdu VOA Quetta based correspondent said.
Taking notice of torture on Journalist Provincial Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti order inquiry on the incident while following the direction by Mr. Bugti, five security guards had been arrested and FIR lodge against them in New Sariyab Police Station.
“The Provincial Government is believe on free and fair journalism in Balochistan, those responsible for torturing Journalist would be brought to Justice and strict action will be taken against the administration ordered to torture the Journalists.” Sarfaraz Bugti said.
Young Doctors Association showed full sympathy with Journalist and said demanded impartial action on the incident, “The Journalist was performing hid duty when the security guards torture him, we stand with the journalist community.” President YDA Yasir Khosti said.
Following the assurance of Provincial Home Minister the Journalist community called of their protest and joined the budget session.


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