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Balochistan postpones budget announcement until May 14

12/05/18   QUETTA By News Desk: Balochistan assembly’s budget session for the fiscal year of 2018-19 has been postponed at the last minute on Friday aimed opposition leaders’ anger and dismay over cabinet’s inability to prepare a budget.
The opposition leaders alleged there was a serious infighting in the cabinet over allocating resources for their respective constituencies which led to postponement of the budget.
The budget was scheduled to be unveiled at 6pm on Friday but it could not happen despite the presence of assembly members and media. The government official announced it has been postponed till May 14th, 2018 (Monday).
Citing the reasons why budget was postponed, Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti said Planning and Development department of Balochistan was not prepared for the budget. “The P&D was not prepared and there was an issue with printing press,” he said. He could not stick with one reason and clarify whether it was printing press or P&D which caused postponement of the budget.
“We faced minor issues and then Chief Minister Balochistan has decided to present the budget after all preparations are made. We are working on a budget which will have everyone’s consensus,” Bugti said. The discrepancies on Bugti’s statement was quite visible.
Addressing a news conference, opposition leader of the house Abdul Rahim Ziaratwal said the government informed opposition ten minutes after the scheduled time of the budget session which underscores the inability of government to have a better coordination among its departments and cabinet members. “The opposition strongly condemns such nonprofessional behavior and they should have prepared before announcing a date,” he said. “One could imagine how this government functions which could not keep the words.”
Today, we and people, in general got an impression that this government is not able to present a budget and more importantly run the economy.
Ziaratwal said there is serious infighting and differences within the government which caused the postponing budget session.
Former Chief Minister Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch said it is in the first time of Balochistan’s history a budget session has been postponed without informing anyone ahead of time. He alleged all development projects for his constituencies have been stopped by the government. “The government has deprived thousands of people of employment which had been employed in our government,” he said.
Dr. Malik said the current government has informed us around 90 billion will be allocated for development projects and yet it is to be decided from where they get such a huge amount of money.
“No one knows under which law, Chief Minister of Balochistan recruited a huge number of advisors at the public exchequer,” Malik said. “The government was not prepared for the budget.”
Dr. Malik has said law and order situation got worse within the few month after new government came into being.


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