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53,000 children in Pakistan die of diarrhea annually

08/05/18   QUETTA - BalochistanExpress: Pakistan on third row after India and Nigeria where more children are being affected and died of Diarrhea annually. Chief Health Education Office Balochistan Habib ur Rehman said on Wednesday.
“Children below the age of five being died of Diarrhoea in Pakistan, the fatal Rotavirus directly affects intestine of children which causes Diarrhea.” Chief Health Officer Habib ur Rehman and Divisional Coordinator Tahir Agha said while addressing a health Seminar in Quetta’s Boys Scout on Monday.
Sharing the details of Provincial Expanded Program on Immunization they said, provincial EPI program has been battling with 10 fatal diseases affecting our children, preventive measure taken by Provincial Health Department has counter more spread of viruses including notorious Rotavirus in Balochistan,
“Pakistan is on third row after Indian and Nigeria where annually 53300 children being died Diarrhea, taking step to halt the virus we have included Rota Vaccine in provincial EPI program.” He added.
Urging the parents the health officials said, parents should vaccinate their new born children till next 15 months, to save them from 10 fatal diseases including Polio.
“Privately the Rota-virus vaccine will cost parents up to 4000 rupees but in all EPI Centers we have providing vaccine free of cost.” They added.


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