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19 miners killed, several injured as two coal miner collapse in Balochistan

06/05/18   QUETTA BalochistanExpress: At least 19 coal mine workers were killed and dozens injured during rescue operation in two separate mine explosion in Marwar and Sur-range area, some 60 Km east of Quetta, on Saturday.
The first incident occurred in Marwar where a coal mine named Pir Ismael in Marwar some 60km far from the provincial capital collapsed due an explosion leaving 16 workers dead while 12 injured during rescue operation on Saturday morning.
Deputy Commissioner Quetta Captain retired Farrukh Atique, Frontier Cops (FC) Colonel Muassir flanked with Provincial Disaster Management Authority reached the spot to monitor rescue operation.
“There were 16 workers working inside the when an explosion collapsed the three adjacent mines in Marwar outskirts of the provincial capital.” Deputy Commissioner Quetta Farrukh Atique said via telephone while taking part in rescue operation.
He added, we have tried effortlessly to rescue alive the miners but all killed as they working deep 4000 feet inside of the mine, “Local residents and other miners participated in rescue operation.
At least eight volunteers participating in rescue operation injured due to suffocation inside the mine and shifted to Civil Hospital.
“There were no arrangement inside the mine including air ventilation, the owners and managers of mine companies don’t care of poor workers, because for them money is more important than our lives.” Akhterzada a local coal miner bought to Civil Hospital said. Hours later another explosion inside a miner 98 reported near Pakistan Mineral Development Cooperation (PMDC) killing three miners.
Local miners said there were nine miners working inside when the explosion caved in the mine. Three bodies were reprieved while four were still trapped inside as rescue operation underway.v Sultan Muhammad Khan President All Pakistan Mine labor Association said, from the government side there is zero implementation of mine act 1923, and we are not able to follow Occupational Safety and Health (OSF) which precludes all mine owners to build air ventilation route for air passage.
Meanwhile, Pakistan Central Mines Labour Federation President Sultan Muhammad Khan claimed that over 27 miners were killed in two mine accidents in Marwar and Sur-range coal mines and many others injured. However, official sources confirmed 19 deaths so far.
“The air ventilation route can be used in rescuing trapped miners, but unfortunately local contractors running coal mines and owners and companies not interested to adopt safety measure for workers.” Sultan Lala said and claimed in April dozens of miners were killed and 40 injured with burn injuries due to mine explosion.
The killed miners were hailed from various cities of KPK and their bodies have been departed to Civil Hospital Quetta where the bodies would be kept and sent to their native towns.
According to officials the rescue operation in lease 98 near PMDC is underway as the trapped miners are yet to be recovered.
Balochistan is notorious for coal mine incidents where appalling safety measure for workers endangering their lives. Last year total 41 coal mine workers were killed in mine explosion in Duki, Mach and Quetta while dozens suffered burn injuries due to deadly methane gas


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