Quddus urged exiled baloch leaders to join mainstream politics

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QUETTA BalochistanExpress: By witnessing numerous eras of Politics, I have found that nationalist parties emerged in Balochistan for the sack of personal interests rather than to provide relief to the people of Balochistan, Quddus Bizenjo said.
“We had been alleged as conspires after we brought regime change in Balochistan, but we had taken the bold step by keeping in mind the interest of the people of Balchistan.” Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo said.
He added, there were people who were spreading false speculation regarding Senate election, ironically they said we brought regime change to prevent Senate elections in Balochistan, but they proved wrong at the end.
Talking on Federal Government influence in Balochistan’s internal decision CM Balochistan said, in past we have seen that Balochistan was compelled to accept decision committed in Muree and Riwind,
“But we have vowed to end this culture, Balochistan is capable to take its own decision, After Senate Elections Balochistan House in Islamabad was the prime political center of all leading political parties.”
Defending the emergence of newly formed Balochistan Awami Party Quddus Bizenjo said, there would a severed need of a political party which can hold the realm of Balochistan, we will defend Balochistan’s rights under the constitution,
“I want to inform the Baloch leadership sitting abroad that return to the mainstream politics before it gets too late for them.” Quddus Bizenjo added.

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