Now no one can impose their decision on Balochistan by Sitting in Riwind or Marri: Bizenjo

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QUETTA BalochistanExpress: Balochistan is now capable in making decision by its own choice as people, of Balochistan has decided to refute the trend of setting Balochistan’s future in Riwind or Marri. Qudus Bizenjo said.
Rifts aimed Balochistan Government and Federal Government surging with each passing day as Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Abdul Qudus Bizinjo has said on Saturday that, no one can impose their will on Balochistan from Riwind or Marri.
“People of Balochistan and the provincial government is capable of making its decision by setting their own choice because neglecting Balochistan is tantamount of neglecting Pakistan.” Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Abdul Qudus Bizenjo said while addressing a Khuli Kacheri in Khaliq Abad.
CM Balochistan was given a colossal welcome by the people of Khaliq Abad as ex-Advisor to CM on Finance Mir Khalid Langove, Minister and Advisors Mir Zia Langove, Muhammad Amir Rind, former Provincial Minister Mir Faeq Jamali and tribal elders of Khaliq Abad were gathered to receive Abdul Qudus Bizenjo.
CM Balochistan has approved building Shaheed Abdul Khaliq Langove Cadet College and announced to release 100 million rupees for road network for Kalat City.
“Despite having less timeframe our government is taking measure to develop Balochistan, Prime Minister should end the culture of neglecting Balochistan because we all have to work together to evolve Pakistan.” CM Balochistan said.
He continued, being a chief minister of the province I believe that I am on the position to server for my people, because without the support of people we can’t even reach on the position where I am today.
Lamenting on PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi statement against Chairman Senate, Mir Abdul Qudus Bizenjo said, in efforts to clinch Senate’s Chairmanship, we didn’t visit any political leader but other party leaders including Asif Ali Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto and Imran Khan approached us,
“All key political parties of the country has accepted our condition for bringing-in Senate Chairman from Balochistan, those criticizing Mr. Sadiq Sanjrani today, left us alone.” Mir Abdul Qudus Bizenjo said and added, the issue of Balochistan will be resolved here by its true leadership rather than in Lahore, Larkana or Marri.
Applauding Khalid langove and Mir Zia Langove’s efforts in development in their constituency Khaliq Abad, CM Balochistan said, I have respectful relations with Mir Khalid Langove from past many years and I really lauds his hard work and sincerity towards betterment of his own people.

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