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Farmers blocked Quetta-Karachi Highway against power breakdown

29/03/18   QUETTA BalochistanExpress: The Zameendar Kisaan Itihad on Wednesday blocked Quetta- Karachi highway for traffic against prolonged electricity breakdown in central Balochistan.
The protesters blocked Natioanl Highway for more than five hours near Khad Kocha area of Mastung and blocked all traffic in-reaction of load-shading and low voltage.
“QESCO has compelled local farmers to sell their land as there is no electricity and water for us.” agha Lal Jan Ahmadzai leader of Zameendar Kisan Itihad said.
He added, majority people in Balochistan are dependent on farming but un-announced electricity breakdown and low voltage have dried out land before the seasonal farming, “only we have been provided 3 hours electricity in the whole day what will be our future?.”
The protest causes worse traffic blockage in Quetta-Karachi highway as hundreds of vehicles including passenger coaches stranded in long queues.
Assistant Commissioner Mastung captain retired Junaid Dad Mandokhai reached the spot to negotiate with the protesters.
After successful talks with AC Mastung the protesters ended their sit-in while traffic restored in Quetta- Karachi highway.