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Heavy snow causes UK-wide disruption

27/02/18   BBC: Drivers are being warned of hazardous conditions on roads as heavy snowfall hits parts of the UK.
Three people died following a crash in Lincolnshire while one man died in a crash in Cambridgeshire. Police have not said if they were weather-related.
Hundreds of trains are cancelled, many schools are shut and forecasters say some rural communities may be cut off.
Kent, Surrey, Suffolk and Sussex have seen up to 10cm (4in) of snow, while north-east England has had up to 8cm.
Amber Met Office weather warnings are in place in those areas, meaning there is a possible risk to life and property.
A less severe yellow warning applies to a much wider area, covering much of Scotland, England and Wales.
Lincolnshire Police say three people died following a crash at about 06:15 GMT on the A15 near Baston.
Officers have not said whether the crash - which involved a blue Renault Clio and a white lorry - was caused by the poor weather, but the force said earlier that roads in the county were "particularly hazardous".
Lincolnshire County Council said the road had been gritted in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
A man also died following a three-car collision on the A47 near Peterborough, while a 17 vehicles were involved in a crash on the A120, in Essex.
Officers in Lincolnshire also helped 45 schoolchildren from their bus after it collided with a car and left the road. None of the pupils was injured.
The UK is experiencing what is expected to be the coldest week of the winter, with snow moving west during Tuesday, spreading into Scotland and the Midlands.
Up to 40cm (15in) of snow could fall in north-east England and Scotland, between Wednesday morning and Thursday lunchtime, the Met Office says.
Temperatures dropped well below freezing on Monday night, with Northern Ireland, south-west England and East Anglia logging figures as low as -6C. The lowest temperature was -8.9C and was recorded in Farnborough, Hampshire.


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