Treatment of Pyrosis

Gastric Pyrosis

Herb-Natural remedies used for treatment of pyrosis

What is Pyrosis

Pyrosis is the medical term for heartburn. in balochi called (Seena Soach). Although it has nothing to do with the heart, people with pyrosis say they feel a burning sensation primarily in the chest after eating.

Balochistan herbs/natural remedies used for treatment of Gastric Pyrosis and Stomach digest Herbs names in Balochi translated into English

Treatment with Herbs

Seena Soach - سینہ سوچ - Stomach pyrosis
Laap e hazm na kanag - لاپ ءِ ہضم نہ کنگ - Stomach digest

Gastric Pyrosis
Panair Baad - پنیرباد- Panair baad is a herb/natural remedies found in Balochistan Mountains, it test is very bitter. Panair Baad seeds very helpfull for Treatment of pyrosis and digest.
When a person feel stomach-digest ( Laap e hazm na kanag - لاپ ءِ ہضم نہ کنگ )or pyrosis (Seena Soach - سینہ سوچ ), then eat four seeds of Panair baad with water, or grind panair baad seeds then take a half spoon with water after or before eating .