Love Story

The real story

Spiritual love - Novell

1st Part
Rishi belonged to a good family. He loved his parents, His parents also loved him. Rishi was a brilliant boy. He had many attributes inside. He was very interested in reading and worked even more. He recognized as a capable and intelligent student and a simple guy. He had love in his heart. He was anxious to get rid of the ignorance of youth. He met people with smile and gracious. His eyes were filled with the tears of love. He did not want to hurt anyone's by heart.
After college Rishi thought why not work with a tutoring centre to be suffixed.
After consultation with friends he began teaching English at a tuition centre. In the centre except boys the girls were also attended the classes. By Rishi ability and hard work he had a period in Girls section.
Rishi was a simple boy and he didn’t interfered with other works and did not look anyone from the evil eye.
Due to Rishi's Teaching all students loved him. Rishi also loved his students and taught them with heart.
A school girl was also studying in this center whose name was Saba, she was pretty and beautiful girl, she liked the simplicity and teaching of Rishi.
During studies she watched carefully for Rishi, but Rishi was absorbed in Teaching so he not gave attention to Saba.
Saba was also Rishi's neighbour, therefore she thought Why should not study tuition at Rishi home, While their houses were near each other.
One day Saba said her mother that she wants to study at Rishi's home.
Saba's mother was a teacher so she thought it's good and Said that he would talk with Rishi.
Next day Saba's mother went to Rishi’s home and said to Rishi that He gave tuition to Saba at his home, Rishi agreed, And said there is no harm in this and he has free time, then he set time for Saba’s tuition. Other day Rishi began teaching to Saba at home. Saba was a hard-working girl and she came on time for studying and actually absorbed in learning.
Days passed, in the heart of Saba, Rishi's love grew more then more, she thought, how tell Rishi that she loves him.
After some time Saba said Rishi that She want read and listen about love.
Rishi said: I teach you English, math, science and other subjects, there are books that you must cover, and book of Love is not included in your Core Question.
But Saba insisted that He taught her about love

Rishi said.
Rishi: I do not know anything about love if you know then tell me.
Saba: Look, English, mathematics, and other subjects I am reading in school here I don’t have any affection with them, I want to hear you, I want to see your smile,
and I also want that your focus should be on my side all the time, So you should look to me and I look you, I do not know about love.
But I do know that you have an attraction Who brought me out here and That brings me closer to accomplishing you. I am thinking about you all the time, I want you took me with your arms and loved me, Make me yours, Now my life is useless without you, I didn't want anything in life, because you are in my memories, You're in my dreams, You're in my thoughts, you’re In my eyes, You're in my heart, You're in my world and life, You're in my wish, You're in my aspiration, You're my Everything, my every moment is yours.
I do not know anything about love, but I know that without you I nothing, now You tell yourself, is this Love? Or something else?

Written by Shaikof Baloch

Spiritual Love Part 2
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