Spiritual love Part 9

The days pass quickly. Saba and Rishi became closer to each other. A week later, Saba's father returned home in the evening and called Saba, but Saba did not attend the house, and then asked Saba's mother:
Father: Where is Saba?
Mom: Saba went to school and has not come yet.
Father: For so long, I do not know what she's doing there, the situation is bad. She used to be home before. I do not like her habit.
The mother worried, she thought, and after that she said:
Mom: I think. Training must end, and it must prepare for home.
Father: Yes, you're right, she should be home and get ready.
Mom: Then you'll tell her that she did not go to school.
Father: Alright! I tell her myself.
After a while Saba returned home, my father called her to his room, and then said:
Father: Daughter, Next time you will not go to school; The situation is bad, you should be at home.
Saba: Father, why? What happened? Why do you stop me from studying?
Father: We decided to go to your room now!
Saba went to her room, embarrassed and fell to the bed, after this thought of how she could go to Rishi, the training was an occasion to meet with Rishi, now my father stopped going to school. Oh my God! What will happen to us?
After a while, the food was served by the mother, the family members sat down at dinner. But Saba did not, mother entered the room and said:
Mother Daughter! Come eat the food.
Saba: Mom, I'm not hungry and I do not want to eat.
Mom: Are you okay?
Saba did not answer, then her mother returned.
When Saba did not eat, his father said in doubt that there is a certain history of Saba, she did not eat food.

The next day of training Rishi waited for Saba, but Saba did not come to school. Rishi perplexed and thought
"She must be working at home, so she did not come to school. No problem, the next day will come "
The second day Saba did not go to school either. Rishi was worried, but three days later he went home to Saba. Saba saw him and was delighted.
Rishi: Saba, why did not you go to school for two days, so what's up?
Saba: Yes, nothing, I do not know what to tell you. My mother did not allow me to study, but I did not obey her. Now the father does not allow me to study and said that I'm preparing at home. Rishi, I'm very worried, without you I'll die, but what can I do If I do not hear them, then it will be bad, now you tell me what to do.
Rishi heard Saba and thought, then said:
Rishi: I will definitely do something; Do not worry.
Rishi went home and seemed a little upset, his mother asked.
Mom: Rishi, do not you look good, what happened?
Rishi: Yes, Mom! I'm a little worried. Saba's father took her from school. Before we met with each other the reason for the training. Now, how to meet her, what to do. Mother We love each other so much. Today I went to her home, she was very upset. Mom, you're going to talk to Daddy that we're getting married to each other.
Mom: Son, listen to me carefully, there are some of our customs and traditions. The marriage of Saba will be decided by parents. If they refused to marry her, then what can you do.
Rishi: It's vague! Mom, do not say such things. She loves me, and I'm in love with her. We want to get married with each other, what's wrong with that?
Mom: Rishi, you're still a child and do not understand, the days of a lover in our society are considered. Each eye follows them. God forbid, Saba's parents knew that you both love each other and so much time in school you, that they will think. Now calm down when your father comes home, I'll talk to him, and we'll find a solution.
Rishi: Mom, how good you are if Saba's mother was just like you.


Written by Shaikof Baloch

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