Spiritual love Part 8

Before getting married you must think about your Home, parents, family, society then get marriage.
Rishi: father! perhaps your time was something else from new generation, Saba is our neighbor and you know her from childhood and we are living in same society, our customs and our mortgage is also same, so just I don't care about anything without Saba, I know that she cannot live without me, she loves me, if you do not get married us, the you will very regret, I will be ready for the pass.
Father: Rishi, you are now a first year student in college and Saba is currently studying in school, you have no job and no money, Marriage is easy, but it is very difficult to handle after the wedding, especially if you're still a student, this is your first responsibility to complete your study After that talk about marriage.
Rishi: Father, what you are saying is absolutely right but, my heart feels right, I promised Saba, she will be mine forever, if not married with Saba then you really regret.
Father: Okay son, I consult with your mother then tell you what we do.
The Saba's father came home a little earlier and call Saba.
Father: Saba my daughter, I need to talk to you where you are.
Mom: Saba has not come yet.
Father: What? she has so long there, what are she doing there?
Mom: she has been working a little more, therefore late.
Father: I don't like this, tell me when she comes
Mom: Okay.

after some time, Saba came home.
Mother: daughter why you are so late, your father waited so long.
Saba: Well Mom.
said and entered father's room
Saba: Father, how are you?
Father: Oh Saba! My daughter! Where you were, so late you come home. What are you doing, what are you reading, tell me something. What is being taught? Are you getting some benefit from tuition?
Saba: Yeah Father! Rishi is a good teacher, he works hard with me and takes care of me, He is giving me all his time. Now I'm very fond of reading, if he had been teacher in our school?
Father: Ok Daughter, today is the era of education and human is incomplete without education and daughter Read with in heart, so that you become a good doctor, then treat people.
Saba's mother had heard all conversation, she did not want that father knew about Saba, she comes late everyday. she stood outside and waited Saba, When Saba came out of the room, Mother held her hand and taken her to another room then said.
Mom: Saba, I do not want that your father to be aware you come late every day, tell me the truth, what is the situation, why do you return back late every day?
Saba: mom, I like Rishi very much, I’m talking with him, therefore I’m late, Mom so much I want him, Maybe I'm in love with him.
Mom: Look Saba, if your dad knew about you, he will do bad with you and you don’t know about the people in our society, what they will think about you and what they will say.
Saba: Look, Mother! I do not know anything about society, what people will think and what will say but I know this much, that I like him very much, I always want to be with him Because I like Rishi too.
Mother thought, God forbid, if something committed between Saba and Rishi, the society will disgrace us. What method should be adopted to prevent her from going to the Rishis.


Written by Shaikof Baloch

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