Spiritual love Part 7

After a week Rishi's father returned from Quetta then Rishi said to his father.
Rishi: Dad, I love Saba and I want to marry with her.
Dad hit a slap in the face of Rishi then said:
Father: Very bad! Your engagement done with your cousin's daughter in childhood, what I will answer them.
Rishi: Father, I do not know you have done my Engagement or not But I do know that I love Saba and she also love me, we have come very close to each other and we want each other very much therefore I am going to marry with her.
Rishi's father was a qualified person, he took Rishi with arm and kissed him then said:
Father: Sit down my son, when I was young I was in love with a girl, it was that time when I first started working in hospital, there was a girl named Sumera also worked in the hospital, She was a beautiful girl and she was a resident of Lahore, We were very like each other but my Engagement had been set with your mother by your grandfather, I told my parents that I love Sumera and I’m going to marry with her. They said it is not possible because you already engaged. I did not listen to parents and went to Lahore with Sumera. Her parents said you are also our son feel free to live in our home, if you both want each other and want to marry it’s your right and you are allowed to marry. Some time I lived with them and we were busy preparing for the wedding. Two days before the wedding, I went alone out of home sat a free place then thought:

I am going to marry with this girl is it right or wrong?
She will stay with me in the future?
Will my family receive her?
Will she stay in our society?
Will she accept our tradition and custom?
What about that girl, my Engagement set with which?
And many questions I gave myself then I realised I am doing wrong.
I has apologised from Sumera and from her parents and said: I cannot marry, because my parents set up my engagement with a girl, before i met sumera. what I will answer them.
I returned back home and marry with your mother.
In a youth life man chooses many mistakes, Flies caught in a love girls, it does not mean you got to love the girl and Marry.


Written by Shaikof Baloch

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