Spiritual love Part 6

One day the Saba's father said his wife:
Father: What is being taught Saba, how long I have not seen her, where is she?
Mother: She is in her room.
Father: Ok, I ask her myself.
Saba's father entered the room, first loved his daughter, and then said.
Father: Saba my daughter, how are you? What is being taught? How long I have not seen my daughter, what’s happening? Please tell me?
Saba was lost in thought, sitting on the bed in her room, answered a little feared.
Saba: Father, I am all right, don’t worry, my study is good, and I have learned a lot.
After look the face of a Saba, father asked:
Father: Hey, what happened to your face, I do not see any smile, someone not caught sight you.
Saba: Smilingly, No father.
Dad left the room and asked to Wife.
Father: Saba's health is not fine, I don’t like her face, what is the matter?
Mother: Saba is now adult, and any girl enters puberty then her face also change as necessary, now she stepped into a new world.
Father: When you were first time into adulthood, then your face has changed, kha kha kha kha…………….
Mother smiled sheepishly and said:
Mother: How you are kidding, this comes on every girl in adulthood.
Rishi's father was a Doctor and he was working in Quetta, the Rishi was waiting for him, when Dad would come then he will aware him about Saba’s loves.
The face of Saba did not looked right when Saba went for tuition on daily time.
Rishi: Saba, what is the matter? Today, I' not seeing smile of your face?
Saba: No, there is nothing like that, Mom said that I do not come to tuition, prepare yourself at home but I said I will definitely go for tuition and I also told her that I want you lots. The time of talking they embrace each other, Rishi took her with hands and reassured her.


Written by Shaikof Baloch

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