Spiritual love Part 5

They were fell in the love of each other, when Saba come for tuition they express their love for each other it’s happen every day. The mother began a little suspect on Saba, because Saba early goes for tuition, but return back late and looks very happy.
One day mother asked Saba.
Mother: Saba tell us about tuition, how is it going and tell us about Rishi, he works with you or not?
Saba: Oh Mother! I’m very happy Rishi has working hard with me, he teaches me daily, for this reason I am very fond of reading. Saba said the mother with a kiss, Mom, you're so good, you take good care of me, I’m very happy. Mother! Cook rice at dinner because Rishi likes rice very much, I will take rice for him, when cook rice at home Saba take Rice for Rishi.
Mother felt, that her daughter has surely love Rishi, she talks so good things about him.
A few days passed mother told Saba.
Mother: Saba my daughter, now you will not go for tuition, sit at home and prepare for exam.
Saba: No mother! I will go for tuition, because Rishi works hard with me.
Mother: Saba, it’s too much, you are now young, God forbid something happened between you and Rishi, then what will we do. Have you know about of our customs?
Saba: Mother I did not know about the customs and don't want to know, but I know that Rishi is a very nice guy and I want a lot him. Mother: look, I sent you for tuition, not for love, if your father finds out then it will be very bad.
Saba: I don't care about anyone, I want Rishi so much, you give me permission or not definitely I will go for the tuition.
The Rishi and Saba had come very close to each other, Rishi was in a panic because of their customs and he did not want something happened between him and Saba, for which he did not kissed Saba.
Rishi’s mother adored her son and Rishi consult with his mother every time. One day Rishi thought why did not tell his mother that he loves to Saba, May be his mother give him good advice.
Rishi said to his mother

Rishi: Mom I want to talk with you.
Mother: tell me son, what is the matter.
Rishi: Mom I love to Saba and I want adopt her forever.
Mother: Rishi, Your Engagement done with your cousin's daughter by your father, and he will not allow this in any condition.
Rishi: look mother, I want Saba so much therefore I’m going to marry with her. The Engagement done by Father in my childhood, I don't need it, I love Saba and I’m going to marry with her and we will together continue lifetime.
Mother: I know Saba is very nice girl, but what about that girl, with which yours Engagement done in childhood and she's your uncle's girl.
Rishi: Mother! Do not do childish things, Engagement in childhood, is it a matter, these are old things, God forbid, if something happened over, and then what you did with that girl?
Mother thought a little then said
Mother: I cannot tell you anything right now, talk with your dad.


Written by Shaikof Baloch

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