Spiritual love Part 4

When Saba went home it was too late her mother asked
Mother: Saba, Why you come late today?
Saba: there was too much work therefore it was late, saying that and entered into room.
Mother was having trouble to understand why Saba not talk to her.
Saba lost in thoughts, lay down to rest on the bed and start thinking how she would love Rishi, how explain Rishi She does not want to be separated from him for a moment.
Saba's mother entered the room Saba was laying on the bed.
Mother: Saba, what is the matter, why you are laying on the bed? Are you fine?
Saba: Mother, I was a little tired and have little headache Just want to relax.
Mother: Take care my daughter and don’t press on the brain now take a tablet and rest if the headache increased then I will give you another medicine.
Saba: thanks, I will be fine, don’t worry.
Mother came out from the room.
Saba was so absorbed in Rishi’s love therefore she did not interested about society.
The other day, Rishi waits for Saba, lost in thoughts and thinking, how adopt Saba forever. Meanwhile, Saba entered in the room, Rishi was so happy to see Saba.
Rishi: Good, you came on time now let's open the book.
Saba: Rishi, I not come to study but came for you, I want to talk with you, love you and I want that you embraced me, Saba held Rishi's hands and drag him by self-ward.
Rishi: Saba, you know what you are doing?
Saba: yes I know what I am doing, I'm in love with you.
Rishi was trembling and embraced her, they unaware from the world, lost in love with each other, they did not know, how quickly time passed.
Saba return home late every day and looks happy, she found her love, Unaware from the world, careless customs and traditions of the society, Step was placed in a new world and had nothing to do with people. She wanted to build a new life for herself, she was so absorbed in love for Rishi, when she was with Rishi she did not talked without love, But Rishi wanted adopt Saba forever according to social ritual and customs he wanted adopt Saba.
Saba kissed Rishi and said
Saba: Rishi you also kiss me, my all body and life is yours, then Saba slowly opened Rishi’s shirt buttons kissed on his chest then closed with him but Rishi was lost in thought not kissed her because he wanted to adopt Saba forever.
Saba: Rishi, Why you do not kiss me? Do you not love me or I am not looking good?
Rishi: Saba, There is no such thing, I love you too, I want you in the same way, in which you love me, I feel a little intimidated own environment, customs and society therefore I can’t kiss you I want adopt you forever.
Saba: Rishi, The environment, customs, society, all these old things not focus that side and we are alone in the room, no one else, I do not interested about society, I love you, let’s start new life.
Rishi: Well, then you do what you want, I’m with you, but I not do at this time, I will do when you will be always mine. Rishi and Saba had no knowledge about love but they were feeling.
As well as Says old men. That
“Romantic is not a game, but given by God is a miracle”


Written by Shaikof Baloch

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