Spiritual love Part 3

If parents come to know about Saba’s love then they will not allow Saba for tuition therefore he can’t share this situation with anyone nor he can get any recommendations from his friends.
When there is no importance of love in society then there how you can get advice from a friend.
The next day, Saba went to the school, sitting in class she was lost in thoughts, Math teacher had been teaching but Saba had opened the book in English.
Teacher said: Saba it is not English periods please open Math book, Saba had no interest to the books, she closed English book and opened meth book, the teacher was teaching math, but Saba continues to copy images. Sitting with Saba a Girl friend said.
Saima: Hey Saba, it is not a period of drawing its mathetic period, in which world you are living now.
But Saba didn’t listen her and continued draw pics.
After break Saba went home and she was waited for tuition time, at fix time she went Rishi’s home, she was very happy to see Rishi, Her face was bright and Rishi was also happy to see her.
Rishi: Saba open the book we will start our remaining lesson.
Saba: Sorry! I have not brought books because my heart was filled with books, I didn’t interested with it, I don’t realized what’s happened with me, I know that my life is useless without you, I want you take me with your hands.
Rishi: Look Saba! Your parents have sent you here for tuition and it’s my responsibility to teach you, I also want you but I also exercise my responsibility to.
Saba: look Rishi!
I had permission from the parents for tutoring it was an excuse to meet you, don’t worry about them.
Rishi little seemed upset but he was also happy and he was eager to take Saba with his hands but there was fear in his heart he could not do it, He looked carefully at Saba, Saba moved his hand toward Rishi, Rishi took hold of her hand and they were very close to each other, Saba wanted Rishi embraced her but Rishi cannot did such, they were talking with each other Tuition time was finished but they express love to each other.
Rishi: Oh! A lot of time has passed now go home here we will meet again tomorrow.
Saba returned home.
Rishi lost in thoughts lay down on the bed, one side a joy in his heart and there was a fear of the other side, He was lost between joy and fear, the society where hatred on lovers how you share your love with friends, the Rishi understood, if Saba’s parents know about our love then they would not allow Saba for tuition, he did not understood how explain to Saba, but he would not want to hurt Saba, one side he was eager to embrace her, but other side from society's fear he could not do it and also he did not want to lose Saba.

Written by Shaikof Baloch

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