Spiritual love Part 2

Rishi was carefully listening to Saba and he was upset, he didn’t understood that what to do and what say, he was standing and looking her.
Lost in thoughts, unaware from the world!
Saba attracted on the Rishi and said:
Saba: Do you listen me?
Rishi with little hesitation.
Rishi: yes yeah! I’m listening you but I don’t understand what to do and what tell you …………….
Saba: I understand that which thing revealed me that’s also with you. Come and take me with your hands.
Rishi was afraid
Rishi: Saba look, your mother has asked me to teach you tuition and it is my responsibility that I teach you, if you will not study then what she will say me, Let's open the books and read lesson.
Saba: I'm not fond of reading, now you are my book, you are my pen and paper, I have not come here to read any tuition etc. But I came to read you, tell me about yourself, what are you feeling now?
Rishi did not understand and he could not tell any word therefore he said, Let's now go home and tomorrow we will start again our lesson. Saba went to her home then Rishi sat for a while but he didn’t understood what to do.
He went Out of the house and walked slowly down the side of the road. On the way Kabir (Rishi's friend) saw him and he was amazed, Rishi lost in thoughts and slowly walked road side, Kabir came near to Rishi saluted him and asked him about his health, you get lost in thoughts and do not be noticed friends, what's the matter Rishi?
Rishi: No matter, I am walking along the same road.
But Kabir did not understand he did not want to annoy Rishi, therefore he thought it is better to be left Rishi, Rishi walked Road side and forgot to go to the tutoring center and a little distance sat on a free place. Saba was hanging out in his thoughts, He was a little upset and he was trying to overcome But something was not understood. Returned home late at night, His health seemed a little not better.
Rishi's mother asked
Mother: you returned home late, are you ok my son?
Your face also don’t look like good, what is the matter?
Rishi: Mom! no such thing just a little bit tired after walk and nothing else.
But that time mother understood nothing, set the table, given the food, The whole family went to eat But Rishi eat half the food and left the table, He went in his room, took the book and start reading, after reading a page closed the book and turned on the television, But he didn't like anything, He lay on the bed to rest but it was not easy.
When Saba arrived home, her Mom asked:
Mother: Saba my daughter how about study? Did you learned anything?
Saba: Yes, Mother I learned a lot, Rishi is very hard worker, He works very hard with me, I'm very happy, Thanks Mom, you are so nice. After that Saba lay down on the bed in her room and she thought about Rishi, Began to question herself.
Does Rishi love her or not? She began to comfort herself, Rishi surely love her.
Other day morning Rishi went to college, he did not want to sit in class, He lost in thoughts and moving around in the college Area, his fellow were sitting in class but he was out of class, Rishi was coming to understand what should he do, Offers Evidence Challenging he feel about love, he did not understand Saba’s love Because he belongs to society Where there were no significance loved ones But those who had seen the evil eye the lovers While he was teaching tuition to Saba, he thought

Written by Shaikof Baloch

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