Spiritual love Part 13

So, the preparation of the engagement of Saba was a major issue.
Saba's friends come to her house to tell her that. They will celebrate Sabah's engagement with great happiness. But Saba was upset and tears flowed with her eyes.
A friend whose name was Amina was asked Saba.
Amina: Sabah, what's the matter? Your preparations are going on. And you are upset. Your eyes are bleeding with tears. Tell us, maybe we can help you.
Sabah: No you cannot help me. You also produce the same society. Where the loved ones are seen as hatred.
Another friend named Zoya, said:
Zoya: Great! Sabah fall down in someone's love. Hey, forget this beloved, if he loved you, then your engagement was not with another boy.
These boys are fierce. Girls are using their own meanings. Later they do not lift girls. Sabah: No! He is not such a boy; I know it very closely.
Zoya: Hey, leave this!
Now the time of love is over. Prepare participation. Create a new look and a new house. While the girls are not betrothal, they remain in love. After the engagement, they forget all the love, you too will forget.
On the other hand, Sabah's participation was to take place. Clearing the house, and freed the place for guests.
Father of Saba Karam-Khan invited his relatives. In the afternoon, about 40 people men's barrages (only men) came from the boy's side. Having drunk tea, Maulvi invited, father Sabhi and his brother Saddam (father of Namiran). Then he asked the father of Sabah
Malawi: Karam-khan!
In front of this meeting, your Daughter, whose name is Sabha, the Son of Saddam, whose name is Namiran, gave and will give?
Karam-Khan: Yes, I gave, and I give my daughter to Sabah at Namiran.
Later Maulvi asked the Namiran 's father Saddam.
Maulvi: Saddam! Before this meeting the daughter of Karam Khan Sabah and does not have the second name of the same girl, did you accept for your son?
Saddam: Yes, I was accepted and accepting.
So no one asked Sabah, that she wants to marry or not.
Maulvi is aware of the rules of customs, he does not care about such things or cares for anyone.
A few days later, women's barracks appeared, and some goods were brought by the boy side for engagement.
The girls sang songs and danced all day and night. But Sabah was unaccustomed to the house and she did not understand anything.
What to do and where to go.
Now she was at the mercy of society but society does not know love, and does not try to find out. Because the rituals of society exist for five thousand years. They do not want to change. If someone will try to change. So he will be removed from the autonomous society and will be alone. People will start to hate it.


Written by Shaikof Baloch

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