Spiritual love Part 12

A few days later, some women came from Saba's Uncle’s house and wore a ring and a headscarf to Sabah.
According to the rituals, if the girl liked by the parents of this guy, they dress a ring and a handkerchief to the girl before the engagement.
Sabah did not understand what was happening, she went to her mother and asked:
Sabah: Mom, what's going on, and why is this drama being played out?
Mother: Daughter, this is not a drama, your father decided your engagement with his brother's son, your participation should be resolved in a few days.
Sabah: Mother, I do not agree with this relationship, I love Rishi, and I want to marry him.
Mother: Sabah, my daughter! According to our customs, you do not have the right to decide your marriage, and your parents will decide, if your parents chose a boy for you, and they understand better, and you must marry.
Sabah: Mother! You know what you are saying.
Mother: Yes, daughter! Your engagement has been prepared, in a few days your participation.
Sabah exclaimed, and returned to her room.
Rishi asked his mother.
Rishi: Mom, what news did father bring, and when will we get married?
The mother ran her hand over Rishi's head and said:
Mother: Son, that was what God decided.
Rishi: Tell me mother clearly, what Dad said?
Mother: Son, they refused to marry Saba with you.
Rishi: No, Mom, no, they cannot do this.
Sabah cannot live without me; She loves me very much.
He entered the room and said.
God, what happened, what will happen to us?
The next day Sabah ran away from the house and went to Rishi's house and entered Rishi's room, he was very glad to see her, but Sabah looked very upset.
Sabah: Rishi, I'm yours and only yours, without you I cannot survive. My parents took my engagement with my cousin, and I generally disagree with this relationship.
I ran away from home, we will go far, and we will both live together far from this city.
My life belongs to you, where you want to go, I am with you, without you I cannot live.
Rishi was afraid. He did not understand what he should do? Afraid of fear, he said:
Rishi: No, I cannot do this, you absolutely do not know about our rituals, where we run away, these people will follow us, and they will be hostile to our family, then you know how dangerous it is?
Sabah: Listen, I love you, and I do not care about this ritual, now you are my love and my life, take me away from here.
Rishi: Sabah, I cannot do this, at this time you go to your house. I love you too, but that does not mean I have to take you.
Sabah: Listen, my wedding is forced from my cousin, tomorrow I will be his wife, so what will happen to our love, what will you do?
Rishi: Please, now go to your home, I need to think and find a way out.
Rishi did not know what to do.
If he escapes with Sabah, then where they go.
If they followed them and chose what would happen to them?
Society, customs, rituals, honor, people and all of them follow us.
No, I cannot do this.
Sabah was disappointed and returned home, and, entering her house, lay down on the bed and began to cry.
What will happen to me now?
The man I loved, he is in awe of the society, and he cannot help me.
I love him and want to live with him.
Rishi had only two ways.
First, he took Sabah away.
And the second Forget Sabah.
But Rishi could not do one of them.
Neither could he forget Sabah.
And he could not take her away.
He was upset and hit his head against the wall.


Written by Shaikof Baloch

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