Spiritual love Part 11

The other day, Rishi's father went to Saba's house with his relative. Saba was happy to see them, and she thought that there should be good news.
According to the rituals, they first sat in the room, then gave them water and tea, then asked Saba's father.
Karam Khan: Welcome Sher-Khan, how did you forget today the way and come home to us?
Sher Khan: We came for a good job; I want to establish a new relationship between us. I came to ask the hand of your daughter Saba for my son and, I hope you will not refuse to do it.
Rishi is a capable boy, he is in college, you saw him and you know, also he taught your daughter to tuition.
Karam Khan: That's great, you know. According to the rituals, I advise my family and you will hear good news.
Sher Khan left the house with permission. The boy's mother was waiting for good news. When Sher Khan returned home, mother asked:
Mother: Did you bring good news?
Father: Exclusive news is nothing, but Karam Khan said that he will advise with his family and hope that they will not refuse.
Mother: Let us also welcome this!
The other day Karam Khan invite his brothers home and told them:
Karam-Khan: the relationship with Sabha is connected, the boy is in college, his father is a doctor, and they are from a good family, and also our neighbors. I want to consult with you that Sabah is not my only one. Rather, you are also brothers. What do you want to say about this engagement?
One of the brothers said, well, this is a good relationship, the other brother said that if you want to marry your daughter, my son is also young and he is also your son, make him your son-in-law, your daughter will be at her house.
Thinking about this Karam Khan, then said:
Karam Khan: Well, the first right for you and your son, if you want, I accepted this attitude and start participating.
A week later, Sher Khan again went to Saba's house and asked Karam Khan about the engagement.
Karam Khan: I was very pleased to make your son, son-in-law, but I advised the brothers, so my brother said that his son is not married, so I thought that the first right is my brother, So I want to say I'm very sorry, that we could not have this relationship with you.
Sher Khan: It is also welcome that you considered "OK"
Sher Khan returned home, after returning.
Mom: You brought good news, for my beloved Son.
Father: took a long breather, Yes, good news, then quit.
Mom: Hey, you do not say anything, just tell me you got an answer.
Father: Just what should happen, Karam Khan said that he makes his son-in-law with his brother's son. That's why they could not do with us.
Mother: Oh God, what will happen to our child, and how about that child who loves Rishi.
Saba and Rishi were both lost in thought, that in a couple of days they will be swords and they will be together forever.


Written by Shaikof Baloch

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