Spiritual love Part 10

Saba was looking for excuses to meet with Rishi. She knew that Rishi liked rice very much, she said to her mother:
Saba: Mom, would you cook rice today? Today I want to eat rice.
Mom: All right, dear! I'll cook rice for you. Mom started to cook rice. When rice cooked, Saba put a bowl of rice and told his mother:
Saba: I'm going to take rice for Rishi, because he likes rice very much.
Mom: Well, dear! But the conditions are bad, take care and return quickly.
Rishi was Saba's neighbor. Saba took the rice and went to the house of Rishi. When Rishi saw her, he was very pleased and took her to his room. Saba put down the plate and took Rishi's hands, kissed him and said:
Saba: Rishi, I cannot survive without you, before the training was for the reasons we met, now my father forbade it. I miss you every day, what to do?
Rishi:Saba, do not worry, I told my parents that soon we will get married. Later we will continue to live together, no one can separate us.
Saba: Hurry up Rishi. I am very worried. I want our wedding to be tomorrow. And we lived happily.
Saba's father seemed to doubt what was happening to Saba. Let's ask her mother, maybe she knows something.
The father called Saba’s mother.
Father: Oh, come here, I'll talk to you.
The mother entered the room, then asked.
Mother: what's the matter? Why are you shouting?
Father: It does not matter, please sit down.
The mother sat, then looked at her husband's face.
Mom: you are all right, you seem upset, what's the matter?
Father: Yes! I want to ask you about Saba, she's upset about something done to her, you know? If you know, then tell me.
Mom: I do not know any particular question before she went to Rishi and she was very happy, now that you stopped her, she's upset.
Father: Does it make you sad to see a lesson, will she receive a lifetime of lessons?
Mom: she's just a child; So she wants to study with Rishi.
Rishi's father returned home late at night, and his mother was waiting for him.
Father: Oh, you have not slept yet. It's good that I'm hungry, kindly bring me food.
Mom: After a while, the food was served by the mother. My father sat down at dinner, and my mother said:
Mom: I have two words for you.
Father: Well, what's wrong, tell me?
Mom: Look, Rishi and Saba love each other very much, and it seems that both are in love, you talk with Saba's father about Saba's relationship, if he was pleased, we'll marry two. I'm a little scared. God forbid, something will happen to my Rishi.
Father: Alright! What will happen to the girl? Since childhood, it's the name of Rishi.
Mom: The world is changing now, and Rishi does not like her, He is in love with Sabu, they are very similar to each other. I beg, this is a matter of life, Rishi and Saba. I want them to start a new life as soon as possible.
Father: Well, tomorrow I'll talk with Saba's parent about Saba's relationship.


Written by Shaikof Baloch

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