How to build a drone

List of electrical components

How to build a drone, here is the main list of Drone components that you need in order to create yourself a mini Drone or RC Quadcopter:
DIY Mini RC Toy Quadcopter Battle Drone
1x main body
1x main PCB
1x camera(480P)
4x motors
8x propellers
1x remote controller
1x phone holder
1x USB adapter
1x Manual
2x batteries for drones
3x AAA battery for remote control
1x Propeller puller tool
1x Screw Driver
4x protective shell

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QWinOut Full Combo Set Unassembly DIY 6-Axle 2.4G 10ch RC Hexacopter Drone ARF
1* Tarot 680PRO Six-axis Folding RC quadcopte Aircraft Frame Kit TL68P00
6* HYD 3508 700KV 198W Disc Motor
6* XT-XINTE Platinum-30A-Pro 2-6S 30A Speed Controller ESC
6* 12x5.5 3K Carbon Fiber Propeller
1* APM2.8 APM 2.8 Multicopter Flight Controller 2.5 2.6 Upgraded Built-in Compass
1* 6M GPS with Compass L5883 25cm Cable
1* Multifunction Power Distribution Board 5.3V BEC
5* 10cm Servo Extension Lead Wire Cable MALE TO MALE KK MK MWC flight control Board For RC Quadcopter
1* White DJI GPS Folding Antenna Mount Holder Metal
1* Gens ACE 4000mAh 25C 4S 14.8V Lipo Battery with T Plug
1* SKYRC B6 Mini 60w Balance Charger Discharger
1* 5A U-BEC UBEC Input 9-30V 3-8S Lipo battery 8-24Nimh R7
1* RadioLink AT10 2.4Ghz 10CH RC Transmitter
18* 3.5mm Bullet Connector ( banana plug )
1* Deans Style T Plug
1* Hook & Loop Fastening Tape
1* Aluminum Gimbal Camera Mount PTZ
2* Camera Mount Suspension Hook
1* 7 inch 5.8G FPV
1* TS832 5.8G 40CH AV Transmitter System
1* FPV Holder Mount Bracket
1* USB TO AV Video Output 5V DC Power BEC Input Real-time Conversion Cable
1* 150MM/300MM Servo Y Extension Wire

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Building drone step by step

The frame work

No matter what your drone RC quadcopte will be, it must have a frame. So, the first task is to make the frame work.
There are two possibilities when it comes to the frame for your drone. You can do it yourself or buy it in the online store, and for a wide selection of quality frames. If you decide to build it yourself, the project is not so complicated, but you will need some engineering knowledge and knowledge of the materials you are going to use.


When searching for propellers, you must find those that fit the frame of your drone. you must make sure that the ones you choose fit.


Electronic speed controllers, engines and propellers are among the most important elements of a functional drone RC quadcopte. So you should get these components from an authorized retailer. They should fit your drone size, so keep this in mind when purchasing.


The next thing you need to do is drill holes in the frame for the engines according to the distance between the screw holes on the engines. It would be good to make another hole that allows the clamp and motor shaft to move freely.
However, you can skip this action if the engines are already supplied with supports. Place the engine in a suitable place and fasten it to the frame with screws and a screwdriver.
For an ordinary quad bike, you only need 4 engines, but the octocopter requires eight engines to fly. It is recommended to use brushless motors - they are easier on the battery, and if you are not an engineer who fully understands how the motor works, you should buy these parts in the store.


After installing the engines, you also need to install speed controllers. How will you do it? It is recommended to connect the speed controllers on the underside of the frame for several reasons.
ESC or electronic speed control: these are also important parts of your drone, as they are responsible for powering the motors. Again, their number depends on the number of weapons your drone will have.

Power Distribution

The power distribution board connects electronic speed controllers with battery. Power Distribution board allow our battery to power equipment in a clean and easy way instead of having bird nests of power cables going between the components.


When purchasing batteries for your drone, you must consider the capacity of the battery and its type. Lithium-lithium batteries are most often used for this purpose, and their power is different.

Battery Monitor

This is not an elementary element, but the monitor is very useful for warning you when the batteries are nearing completion. Thus, you do not risk that the drone is left without juice in the air above the pond.
The assembly site reduces vibrations, and therefore improves flight. This is very useful, especially if you are trying to take a picture or shoot a video using your drone.


The landing gear is an important part when landing your UAV, because it significantly reduces the impact when the drone lands on hard ground. It can be done in different ways, but you have to be creative and do it in your own way and in a unique way.


Every flying drone must have a flight control system. This electronic system allows the drone to remain stable in the air during the flight and handle all shifts and changes in direction and wind.
The device controller distributes power and simultaneously controls the motors.


This wireless remote control system is needed to control the drone.
Currently, there are various available wireless control systems. Of course, if you have a transmitter, you also have a receiver mounted on the drone.


After you have selected a specific flight controller, you need to install it. For example, you can place it on top of the frame in a certain direction, but you need to make sure that all components are fixed before calibrating your drone. You can also use the above-mentioned ties for this.
It is recommended to put a small piece of sponge on the bottom of the flight controller, because it absorbs and reduces vibration from the engines. Thus, your drone will be more stable during the flight.


The next thing you need to do is set up and connect the flight controller to the electronic speed controllers. You also need to connect the drone to the control panel.


If you want to take aerial photos and record the situation during the flight of your drone, you will need a camera. The best cameras are those that can shoot high-quality video, but everyone will find it according to their needs. For high-quality photos and videos you will also need a cardan for the camera. USB key is needed to save photos and videos


If you want to take aerial photos and record the situation during the flight of your drone, you will need a camera. The best cameras are those that can shoot high-quality video, but everyone will find it according to their needs. For high-quality photos and videos you will also need a cardan for the camera. USB key is needed to save photos and videos


This is the most important step. Before taking off, the battery must be well connected and all components must be fixed in place. For a test flight, you need to carefully select a location, since this aircraft can cause serious damage.
Put your quad bike on the ground, turn it on, take the flight controller and start your first flight. It is recommended that you slowly throttle your drone and fly it at low altitude for the first time.