World Cup group stage fixtures and results – live on BBC and ITV

14 June
Russia v Saudi Arabia, 4pm ITV RESULT: Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia
15 June

Egypt v Uruguay, 1pm BBC RESULT: Egypt 0-1 Uruguay
Morocco v Iran, 4pm ITV RESULT: Morocco 0-1 Iran
Portugal v Spain, 7pm BBC RESULT: Portugal 3-3 Spain
16 June
France v Australia, 11am BBC RESULT: France 2-1 Australia

Argentina v Iceland, 2pm ITV RESULT: Argentina 1-1 Iceland

Peru v Denmark, 5pm BBC RESULT: Peru 0-1 Denmark
Croatia v Nigeria, 8pm ITV RESULT: Croatia 2-0 Nigeria
17 June
Costa Rica v Serbia, 1pm ITV RESULT: Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia
Germany v Mexico, 4pm BBC RESULT: Germany 0-1 Mexico
Brazil v Switzerland, 7pm ITV RESULT: Brazil 1-1 Switzerland
18 June
Sweden v South Korea, 1pm ITV RESULT: Sweden 1-0 South Korea

Belgium v Panama, 4pm BBC RESULT: Belgium 3-0 Panama
Tunisia v England, 7pm BBC RESULT: Tunisia 1-2 England

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19 June
Colombia v Japan, 1pm BBC
Poland v Senegal, 4pm ITV
Russia v Egypt, 7pm BBC
20 June
Portugal v Morocco, 1pm BBC
Uruguay v Saudi Arabia, 4pm BBC
Iran v Spain, 7pm ITV
21 June
Denmark v Australia, 1pm ITV
France v Peru, 4pm ITV
Argentina v Croatia, 7pm BBC
22 June
Brazil v Costa Rica, 1pm ITV
Nigeria v Iceland, 4pm BBC
Serbia v Switzerland, 7pm BBC
23 June
Belgium v Tunisia, 1pm BBC
South Korea v Mexico, 4pm ITV
Germany v Sweden, 7pm ITV
24 June
England v Panama, 1pm BBC
Japan v Senegal, 4pm BBC
Poland v Colombia, 7pm ITV
25 June
Uruguay v Russia, 3pm ITV
Saudi Arabia v Egypt, 3pm ITV
Spain v Morocco, 7pm BBC
Iran v Portugal, 7pm BBC
26 June
Denmark v France, 3pm ITV
Australia v Peru, 3pm ITV
Iceland v Croatia, 7pm BBC
Argentina v Nigeria, 7pm BBC
27 June
South Korea v Germany, 3pm BBC
Mexico v Sweden, 3pm BBC
Serbia v Brazil, 7pm ITV
Switzerland v Costa Rica, 7pm ITV
28 June
Senegal v Colombia, 3pm BBC
Japan v Poland, 3pm BBC England v Belgium, 7pm ITV
Panama v Tunisia, 7pm ITV
30 June
Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D, 3pm
Winner Group A v Runner-up Group B, 7pm
1 July
Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A, 3pm
Winner Group D v Runner-up Group C, 7pm
2 July
Winner Group E v Runner-up Group F, 3pm
Winner Group G v Runner-up GroupH, 7pm
3 July
Winner Group F v Runner-up Group E, 3pm
Winner Group H v Runner-up Group G, 7pm
6 July
Quarter-final 1, 3pm
Quarter-final 2, 7pm
7 July
Quarter-final 3, 3pm
Quarter-final 4, 7pm
Semi-final fixtures
10 July
Semi-final 1, 7pm ITV
11 July
Semi-final 2, 7pm BBC
14 July
Third-place play-off, 3pm ITV
Sunday 15th July
Final, 4pm live on BBC and ITV

World Cup 2018 Schedule


   Date    Match    Venue    Kick-off (BST)  
1    Thursday June 14     Russia v Saudi Arabia (A)     Moscow (Luzhniki)     4pm  
2    Friday June 15     Egypt v Uruguay (A)     Ekaterinburg     1pm  
3    Friday June 15     Morocco v Iran (B)     St Petersburg     4pm  
4    Friday June 15     Portugal v Spain (B)     Sochi     7pm  
5    Saturday June 16     France v Australia (C)     Kazan     11am  
6    Saturday June 16     Argentina v Iceland (D)     Moscow (Spartak)     2pm  
7    Saturday June 16     Peru v Denmark (C)     Saransk     5pm  
8    Saturday June 16     Croatia v Nigeria (D)     Kaliningrad     8pm  
9    Sunday June 17     Costa Rica v Serbia (E)     Samara     1pm  
10    Sunday June 17     Germany v Mexico (F)     Moscow (Luzhniki)     4pm  
11    Sunday June 17     Brazil v Switzerland (E)     Rostov-on-Don     7pm  
12    Monday June 18     Sweden v South Korea (F)     Nizhny Novgorod     1pm  
13    Monday June 18     Belgium v Panama (G)     Sochi     4pm  
14    Monday June 18     Tunisia v England (G)     Volgograd     7pm  
15    Tuesday June 19     Poland v Senegal (H)     Moscow (Spartak)     1pm  
16    Tuesday June 19     Colombia v Japan (H)     Saransk     4pm  
17    Tuesday June 19     Russia v Egypt (A)     St Petersburg     7pm  
18    Wednesday June 20     Portugal v Morocco (B)     Moscow (Luzhniki)     1pm  
19    Wednesday June 20     Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (A)     Rostov-on-Don     4pm  
20    Wednesday June 20     Iran v Spain (B)     Kazan     7pm  
21    Thursday June 21     France v Peru (C)     Ekaterinburg     1pm  
22    Thursday June 21     Denmark v Australia (C)     Samara     4pm  
23    Thursday June 21     Argentina v Croatia (D)     Nizhny Novgorod     7pm  
24    Friday June 22     Brazil v Costa Rica (E)     St Petersburg     1pm  
25    Friday June 22     Nigeria v Iceland (D)     Volgograd     4pm  
26    Friday June 22     Serbia v Switzerland (E)     Kaliningrad     7pm  
27    Saturday June 23     Belgium v Tunisia (G)     Moscow (Spartak)     1pm  
28    Saturday June 23     Germany v Sweden (F)     Sochi     4pm  
29    Saturday June 23     South Korea v Mexico (F)     Rostov-on-Don     7pm  
30    Sunday June 24     England v Panama (G)     Nizhny Novgorod     1pm  
31    Sunday June 24     Japan v Senegal (H)     Ekaterinburg     4pm  
32    Sunday June 24     Poland v Colombia (H)     Kazan     7pm  
33    Monday June 25     Uruguay v Russia (A)     Samara     3pm  
34    Monday June 25     Saudi Arabia v Egypt (A)     Volgograd     3pm  
35    Monday June 25     Spain v Morocco (B)     Kaliningrad     7pm  
36    Monday June 25     Iran v Portugal (B)     Saransk     7pm  
37    Tuesday June 26     Denmark v France (C)     Moscow (Luzhniki)     3pm  
38    Tuesday June 26     Australia v Peru (C)     Sochi     3pm  
39    Tuesday June 26     Nigeria v Argentina (D)     St Petersburg     7pm  
40    Tuesday June 26     Iceland v Croatia (D)     Rostov-on-Don     7pm  
41    Wednesday June 27     South Korea v Germany (F)     Kazan     3pm  
42    Wednesday June 27     Mexico v Sweden (F)     Ekaterinburg     3pm  
43    Wednesday June 27     Serbia v Brazil (E)     Moscow (Spartak)     7pm  
44    Wednesday June 27     Switzerland v Costa Rica (E)     Nizhny Novgorod     7pm  
45    Thursday June 28     Japan v Poland (H)     Volgograd     3pm  
46    Thursday June 28     Senegal v Colombia (H)     Samara     3pm  
47    Thursday June 28     England v Belgium (G)     Kaliningrad     7pm  
48    Thursday June 28     Panama v Tunisia (G)     Saransk     7pm  


1    Saturday June 30     1C v 2D (Match 50)    Kazan     3pm   
2    Saturday June 30     1A v 2B (Match 49)    Sochi     7pm   
3    Sunday July 1     1B v 2A (Match 51)    Moscow     3pm   
4    Sunday July 1     1D v 2C (Match 52)    Nizhny Novgorod     7pm   
5    Monday July 2     1E v 2F (Match 53)    Samara     3pm   
6    Monday July 2     1G v 2H (Match 54)    Rostov-on-Don     7pm  
7    Tuesday July 3     1F v 2E (Match 55)    St Petersburg     3pm  
8    Tuesday July 3     1H v 2G (Match 56)    Moscow (Spartak)     7pm   



1    Friday July 6     Winner 49 v winner 50 (57)     Nizhny Novgorod     3pm  
2    Friday July 6     Winner 53 v winner 54 (58)     Kazan     7pm   
3    Saturday July 7     Winner 55 v winner 56 (60)     Samara     3pm   
4    Saturday July 7     Winner 51 v winner 52 (59)     Sochi     7pm   




1    Tuesday July 10     Winner 57 v winner 58     St Petersburg     7pm  
2    Wednesday July 11     Winner 59 v winner 60     Moscow (Luzhniki)     7pm  




   Saturday July 14    Losers of two semi-finals     St Petersburg     3pm  




   Sunday July 15    Winners of two semi-finals     Moscow (Luzhniki)     4pm  

Fifa Worldcup 2014 Brazil

FIFA World Cup 2014 Final: Germany Wins Fourth Championship

fifa worldcup 2014 final mach

The battle between Germany and South Argentina began with both teams aggressively attacking. In the 30th minute it looked like Argentina would truly gain the advantage. Germany had a number of shot attempts in the first minute of extra time.

In the 113th minute, Germany drew first blood as forward Andre Schuerrle crossed a pass to Mario Goetze. Goetze collected the ball with his chest and launched a shot past Romero giving Die Mannschaft a 1-0 lead over the Argentina team. With the 1-0 win, Germany hoisted the FIFA World Cup championship trophy into the air for the fourth time.

germany vs argentina fifa worldcup 2014 final

The Opening Ceremony of FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 Brazil

Just 2 days to go for Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil.The entire world have waiting for this amazing tournament League since 4 years, in this tournament 32 competing nations are participating around the world.

Football is most popular game in the world, it is a game that keep people together, people love it a lot,they like to play and watch their favorite football team on TV at home with friends, But for those who went to Brazil for Watching Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil best 32 football teams in Action is amazing,

Fifa world cup 2014 Brazil will starts on Tuesday in Sao Paulo Brazil

Venue: Arena De Sao Paulo
Date: Thursday, Jun 12
Time: 7:15 p.m. BST/2:15 p.m. ET
TV info: TV1/ESPN
Live Stream: TV Player/ESPN Player

Opening ceremony of Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil with Bang show

Before the first match (Brazil Vs. Croatia) of Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil, the Host Brazil will holds a show to the world lone no other, According to the artistic Director of fifa world cup Brazil Daphne cornez ,' the opening ceremony show is about Brazil and its amazing cultural, Treasure, football and for Brazilian¹s who worked hard for this Big Event day and night, everyone is feeling great and amazing to be the part of this event, even in hard hours they are keep a smile on their face, it¹s amazing ' One good news is that opening ceremony of fifa world cup 2014 Brazil is taking place on day time, A big focus of media will be on that LED ball, which is made of 900 light clusters.

Celebrities who are going to perform in fifa world cup 2014 Brazil opening ceremony. On the opening ceremony Rapper Pitbull with Claudia Leitte to perform ªWe Are Oneº the official song of event, 600 volunteers are ready to make the ceremony colorful, different Dance groups will perform their skills, This all event will be go on air through a lot of TV channels and much more communication devices, Billions of fans will search it on internet and show unity with their teams, After one hour special show the fifa world cup 2014 Brazil take to pitch officially open the world cup among Coratia. From Group A.
We hope that this world cup will unite the world on one stage, so kick for football and kick for peace. For more updtes keep visiting

Quarter Finals: Brazil defeated Colombia 2-1 and Germany defeated France 1-0 now in semi final Brazil clash with Germany