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Importance of
The Importance of Education Management Information System (EMIS) is an important part of the Education Department. This component is responsible for carrying out various activities resulting in the provision of reliable data. often these activities include the following:
I- Collection of Data
II- Data entry into a specially designed computer software
III- Report Generation
IV- Data Management
V- Capacity building of education department officials on use of EMIS for planning and management.

Improvement in the quality of service in the public education sector is entirely dependent on information based decision making. Some of the major services integrally dependent on EMIS for the prospect of quality may include:
I- Planning ant management of facilities
II- Increasing access (establishment of new schools or expanding capacity of existing schools).
III- Human resource Management.
IV- Finance allocations.
V- Improving quality of Education.
VI- Enhancing coordination between support sections of eduction department
VII- Policy based research
VIII- Analysis
IX- Monitoring and Evalution

EMIS Balochista Total Schools Teaching Staff 2015-16