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Management Information System in Education

Importance of
The Importance of Education Management Information System (EMIS) is an important part of the Education Department. This component is responsible for carrying out various activities resulting in the provision of reliable data. often these activities include the following:
I- Collection of Data
II- Data entry into a specially designed computer software
III- Report Generation
IV- Data Management
V- Capacity building of education department officials on use of EMIS for planning and management.

Improvement in the quality of service in the public education sector is entirely dependent on information based decision making. Some of the major services integrally dependent on EMIS for the prospect of quality may include:
I- Planning ant management of facilities
II- Increasing access (establishment of new schools or expanding capacity of existing schools).
III- Human resource Management.
IV- Finance allocations.
V- Improving quality of Education.
VI- Enhancing coordination between support sections of eduction department
VII- Policy based research
VIII- Analysis
IX- Monitoring and Evalution
In order to help education managers and planners realize the process of transformation of educational inputs into educational outputs, the success of EMIS is imperative for any educational system. In the absence of an EMIS the decisions will not be based on evidence and educational inputs are often unlikely to translate into educational outputs. The decentralization of educational services has created more awareness in general public about educational inputs and has caused increased responsibility for governments to show practical results of educational inputs. Now, instead of showing only basic data about schools, enrolment and teachers, an EMIS is required to provide more sophisticated information which, along with its use in planning and management, can also provide solid grounds for monitoring and evaluation.
Moreover, a rise in the number of private schools and Dini Maddaris, from the time when EMIS was first introduced in Pakistan, requires EMIS to gather and present educational data for both public and private sectors (including ALP and other NFE Centers) in order to keep education planner and managers informed about the overall trends of enrolment, inputs and outputs in both public and private sectors. Failure to record such information will result in underestimating the growth of non-governmental and private schools and religious centers. Also there will be no record of a large number of children studying in these private schools or religious centers.
EMIS envisions a value addition to the education system where key stakeholders including parents, learners and educators/teachers will have access to EMIS and contribute to the improvement of education services. Parents will have access to reliable information. Moreover, essential information about education, the standards for which will be set, will be available in all institutions and provincial and district level offices. Educators will be able to make much better choices in terms of in-services training opportunities available and the schools where empty posts against their qualification and grade are empty.
On the whole, the EMIS is envisioned to contribute to an improved education system where decision-making and seeking/proliferation of information takes less time and resources are saved due to efficient practices. An EMIS which is reliable and provides timely statistical reports can greatly support significant transparency, accountability, effectiveness and efficiency.

EMIS Balochistan schools Total Enrolment 2015-16

Sno Gender Kachi  Pakki 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Total Primry Total Middle Total High Total Enrollment 
1 Boys 115191 97248 67546 53994 44810 37772 28129 26994 24543 20943 19809 416561 79666 40752 536979
2 Girls 82925 69240 46286 37752 31893 25944 16735 15574 14012 11134 10499 294040 46321 21633 361994
  Total 198116 166488 113832 91746 76703 63716 44864 42568 38555 32077 30308 710601 125987 62385 898973