Mental Slavery Part 2

ذہنی غلامی حصٌہ دوم


The eight qualities of successful school leaders

Author Jeremy Sutcliffe

1 - Vision

The best school leaders are visionaries with a clear sense of moral purpose. Successful leaders have "great vision – the ability to formulate and shape the future, rather than be shaped by events"

2 - Courage

Successful school leaders show great determination, with the willpower and patience to see things through. They are willing to take risks and are steadfast in challenging under-performance or poor behaviour.

3 - Passion

Like Codling, successful school leaders are passionate about teaching and learning and show great commitment to children.

4 - Emotional intelligence

Successful school leaders are team-builders. They understand the importance of relationships, empower their staff and pupils and show great empathy.

5 - Judgment

The best headteachers show great judgment, make the right calls and are wise leaders. Crucially, however, it isn't simply a matter of acting alone. It's about involving the whole school community and taking people forward together.

6 - Resilience

Successful school leaders are optimistic and resilient, remain calm in a crisis and are energetic and positive at all times.

7 - Persuasion

The best school leaders are confident communicators and storytellers. They are great persuaders and listeners, adept at describing 'the story of their school' to any audience. They are also great motivators.

8 - Curiosity

Successful school leaders are outward-looking and curious.