Suicide how to


He got out from home to find his friends, later on his friends met him and they went ground to play, he became interested while playing in ground, although he didn't remember his home, he was jumping, running, and shouting, he was happy, he didn't care religion and world, he was loving his friends, he wanted to waste his all time with his friends to playing. When they tired and the game was also finished, the sun was sated, a darkness was surrounding, his friends said him good bye and went their home, he also depart to his home, he was on way suddenly a vehicle stopped in front of him, two persons came down from vehicle, one of them target a pistol to him and other one put a blanket on him and pressed to put him in the vehicle, he was small in age therefore there was no energy in his body ton compete two person, he shouted for help but they covered his mouth and eyes with bandage, he tried a lot for his freedom but he came failed, the vehicle departed, in the way they give him injection for unconscious then he became unconscious.
The vehicle departed to his destination, they put him on a one corner of seat and puts blanket on him, if any one is doubt about him then they must say he is suffering and he his feeling cool, they are taking him for treatment.
When vehicle reached to his destination and they get down him from vehicle and took him into a room, then they lay him on the one side of the room, in that room there were many boys of his same age also present there, and they were also taken like him.
When his eyes opened he saw he his in a dark room, there was little light in the room therefore they could see each other, he wake up and sit-down he looked around himself and shouted that’ where I am? Why bring me here? What crime I did? For God sake please leave me, I want go home, my mom his waiting for me, but there wasn't anyone to listen him, he shouted fast, he was crying and tears from his eyes were flowing.
At last a boy from that room came and sit near to him and put hand on his head then said, don’t cry my brother no one is here to listen to you, and no one is here to save you, I have also same like you son of someone and these cruel brought me as they bring you.
He was listening and crying, after some time a man came and carried him out, they were bat him so much he became unconscious.
They again bring him and lay down and went, that boy again came near him and said’ I told you don’t cry now look what the criminals did with you, what they did with us, God don’t do, they did with the enemy, we don’t know for which sin God giving us this kind of punishment, and what kind of sin we did, for that they giving us this kind of cruelty.
When he came in sense then opened his eyes, test his body, but he felt pain from his body, he couldn’t move, then in light sound he said’ Mother: please help me and then he lose his sense. After sometime his sense again came, he wanted to sit up, but his hole body was paining and he felt thirsty, in light sound he called water: please give me water I’m thirsty, that boy again stand up and took a glass of water and came near him then said’ please take a glass and drink water, but his had wasn’t working, then the boy touched the glass with his laps, he drank little bit water and again he lose his sense.
After some time he opened his eyes and with trouble he stand up, there was darkness in the room, some boys were laying around him, he felt hungry but there wasn't any dishes, in front of him there was dropped a piece of bread, he felt that the people drop bread in this position in front of dogs.
One side the piece of bread and other side the hunger, to finish the hunger he took the piece of bread and shivered with fairness, his hands were shaking, under compulsion he took the bread and cut a little piece and stat chewing the bread, when he finished then put his head on floor and slept again.
At home his mother was waiting for him, the dishes were ready, she was waiting for his son he comes then they eat together, but his son wasn't came home, his mother start crying, his father went ground but didn't found him then he went his friends home, his friends said that when they finished playing then he arrived for home, his father looked every where, but didn't found him, at the end father came home with empty hands.
The condition of his mother was weak for his child sadness, she was weeping very much.
A next day his father complained to the police station and submit FIR, he said to the police his son went for playing to the ground after that he didn't return back, the police consulted his father that they will search for his son as soon as possible.
When child became fresh his condition was not good, his whole body was paining, he wanted to go to toilet, he knocked the door, a man came and put bandage on his eyes and take it to toilet, later on they bring him back into the room and put out the bandage, the child was fearing and has not talking with any one, his body was trembling, he was sad and looking here and there, but due to darkness inside the room he cannot see any thing.
After a week a man entered to that room and they switch on the light of the room, the face of man was covered by a handkerchief, only his eyes were being seen, he was having a gun on his shoulder, his eyes was red he was in hurry, due to this he stand and start speech:
My friends:
You are the struggle of the God, you must martyred for the God, you are the kings of the paradise, we want on universe of the God there should be God laws, we want to clean the universe of the God from the unclean people, if any one create problem for us we will try to make him side from our way, and if anyone from you couldn't obey us he will get that kind of punishment he never thought about that, now be prepare and wait for your number.
After that they everyday prepare the children for suicide, if anyone denied he will be tortured and will get injection then he will be lose his mind, at least the tortured children give value to the death from the life and they understood that there in one to protect for them, therefore they think that from every days torture and that dark room the death his better and they became ready for the suicide.
One day its turn came and they put bandage on his eyes, they took him on other room, then they put suicide jacket on his body and they put an handkerchief on his head, and make him set in the vehicle, both sides of him there were sitting one man, one man was having a klashon and other was having a pistol, vehicle departed and his eyes were bandage.
By the way they have given warning if he show his wisdom he will get that kind of punishment that he has never seen, he was sitting quit, he was hating the people, he was thinking that he has wants suicide himself in vehicle but he hasn't remote control in his hand therefore he can’t do that, he was thinking that as soon as possible he wants end his life, he wasn't having different where and when he will suicide, he wanted that many people must be in place of suicide, one side his body was trembling and other side his head was puzzling, his memory was not working, he was in hurry, that time vehicle stopped at one place, they open the back door from left side, clear bandage from his eyes and they bring him down and said him look there are a lot of people go there, he was going fast to the crowed side, still he hasn't reached to the crowed, a police man tried to stop him but he didn't wanted to stop, police shouted that stop otherwise I will shoot you, the police man put out his gun and bullet it to him.
The people who were sitting in the vehicle they understood that the police has recognize him, they pushed the remote button and he has blasted, including police man some other people were also died and some people were became injured, after a while a ambulance came, they shifted the dead bodies and injured to the hospital, the police started investigation, headlines came a news, a suicide attacker blasted himself and took of many people.
Next day some one called from unknown place and took the responsibility and he said further there will be more this kind of attacks……………
The End.
Written by Shaikof Baloch

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