About leaf


In the spring season, there was greenness at every direction, the fresh air was running and there was pleasant sight, the flowers were loosing, the birds were chirping, the nightingale were singing, the peacocks were dancing, the butterflies were showing their beautiful wings, the fountain water was running. The animals were grazing. The cuckoos were swinging on the branch of the trees. The Leafs were waving.
I was also waving on one branch of a tree, from happiness I was swinging, the insects and ants were taking taste of the greenness. I was looking this scene and feeling happiness. I was younger and my body was very slim, when air was running, then I was waving at the branch of a tree. There were many leafs on the trees every one was happy on their place, I was so charm from happiness that I forget the entire world. Around me there were happening every thing but I didn't disturb any one and didn’t interfere or taken interest on their work, but I was enjoying the spring season.
The time was running but the time is not waiting for every one and we must go with the time. Suddenly the autumn season affected on us. The Leafs of the trees were start changing their shapes from green to yellow. In every direction there was looking yellow. The flowers were stopped loosing their freshness, the birds were stopped chirping, the nightingales were stopped singing, the butterflies were transferring their self on other side, the cold air was running fast, the peacocks were stopped dancing, the animals were stopped feeding, and it was the end of my youngest life. My happiest changed with sorrow, every one wanted to save their self, the leafs of the trees started falling down, my body changed with yellow color, I tried to much to save my self at the branch of the tree but I was so weak, therefore I couldn't save my self, the air threw me fast and I separated from the branch, I was flying in air, the gravitation of earth was caching me, the air was running fast and throwing me here and their. I was distressing in air, at the end I fell down on the earth, around me there were fallen down many leafs, I lost my youngest, my all power was finished, my happiness was finished.
Now I was on the earth and I was in hands of air. When air runs fast then it’s through me at that place where it wants. Now I was so weak if any animal comes near to me I can’t move my self other side, at the end my all body was dry, when an animal kept its feet on me then my body cuts and divided many pieces, my body divided about hundred pieces, therefore I was unable to do any work, my all power was finished, my relations broke from other leafs, we all leafs were from one tree but divided by thousand pieces.
Now it’s very hard to collect us together because our abilities were finished, I was a dry leaf, but I hope and waiting for that day whose come and collect us together, which person come and burn fire on our body. But you are fairing from me that I can make fire. My fire Spreads were go very far, my smoke flies in air, and you are fairing from my smoke that it’s not make you blind, you are fairing from my fire that it’s not drop on your home and burn it and destroy your home. You are fairing from my fire that it’s not drop in your factories and burn it and destroy it. You are fairing from my smoke that it isn’t go up and mix with the clouds then fall down with rain and make flood then destroy your cities and villages. Now you are fairing from a dry leaf your all sleeps were finished; now you are using many kinds of methods for destroying me. Once you bury me in earth, once you through me on mountains, once you are through me in sea, once you are through me at animals. But you remember one thing I never destroy, may be my shapes will be changed in many kinds………….
. The End…..
Written by Shaikof Baloch