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Jewlary of Servant

I was an independent human; I was moving every where freely. I haved many relational, I met with every body with smile, I loved my motherland, I loved my nation, I prided my culture, I have gone every where,

Soul Love

The Soul Love is the gift of God; happiest people have the gift of love. They are dividing this gift every time, but they also want love from others, those people are happiest they have lover gifts and then they...


First of all we must know what is mean by education and how we understand the Education. As well as we know that the mean of education is to know about something. when we are talking about education, its mean the human must know about himself.

What was My Fault

When I  born, at that time I didn’t need any thing, no bread, no water, and no cloths. I did not know any one and no any one knew about me. I was living in sea, there was loneliness, and there I was glade and growing.

My Alones

I was going to my destination the sun has replaced his place and to come very near to the earth, therefore the oasis of sends has been metallic and they were looking like reddish due to warm air to get breath it was difficult,


At night time I got out from home and went for walking to enjoy the weather, the sun was setting down, In every direction there was silence the cold weather was flowing, to look the natural scene every one has taking its taste.


One wise old man was sitting on the road side in front of a village. One passenger was passing the road, he asked from the old man, I left my village and want settle in this village what kind of people are living in this village? Wise old man asked from the passenger, what kind of people were living in your village, the passenger answered; “there are living meanness, cruel, characterless people.

I will never be destroyed

In the spring season, there was greenness at every direction the fresh air was running, there was pleasant sight, the flowers were loosing, the birds were chirping, the nightingale were singing.

My Destination

I am going, where to and why? by which way and for what? I don’t know. If some one know, please tell me, where is my destination? I didn’t find my destination but it is my wish to reach on my destination.

out of the door in paradise

He was in emotion of juvenility. He met with everyone cheerfully; everyday on his face there was too much smile, he was searching for new friends. He was talking to the people with smile; he wasn’t backbiting


He got out from home to find his friends, later on his friends met him and they went ground to play, he became interested while playing in ground, although he didn’t remember his home, he was jumping, running, and shouting, he was happy, he didn’t care religion and world, he was loving his friends, he wanted to waste his all time with his friends to playing.

New thoughts and ideas

Today young raise many questions, world is changing rapidly, the need to think more and more organized.
What happens in the life, is faced with many problems? They do not know about the future. Economic conditions become weaker. Creativity does not work. Intellectuals are enclosed in their homes.
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