At night time I got out from home and went for walking to enjoy the weather, the sun was setting down, In every direction there was silence the cold weather was flowing, to look the natural scene every one has taking its taste. The people were coming back to their homes. The birds were flying back to their nests. I was walking around my village. Every side there was happiness. I was also glad, suddenly I saw my enemy’s foot marks, the marks were fresh, and I felt that my soul got out from my body. I feared, my all happiness changed into fear quickly I stood on my place, and my foot refused to go forward. Darkness was rising up in my views, my body started trembling. My all happiness was finished. My heart started beating fast. I was started thinking that my enemy will not attack me. I was looking here and there; I was staying here and looking for my enemy. I wanted to see where enemy is hidden; I had no any kind of arms (Weapons). Because I got out from home with free hands. I was thinking that if enemy attacked me then how I will be able to save myself.
I searched for stones but I could not find any stones. Now I was standing here and looking for enemy, suddenly I saw that enemy is hiding himself little far from me, but he also feared from me and had hidden to save himself. I feared from him and he feared from me. He was looking me and I was looking him. We both were waiting who will attack first. When I raised my hand then he put up his head. When I made down my hand then he also putdown his head when I took one step forward then he understood that I want to attack him, he showed his tongue when I took second step forward then he became emotional and started taking his tongue out and in, he was furies, from his side fear ness sound was coming. He was ready to beat me if I go near him. I took my steps back and stood he also took rest, now between us started reconciliation.
I asked him why you are disturbing me by the way. He said that why I have come in his area. I said its my area, he said it’s his area, I said I have not come for fighting he said then I must not go in his side I said you leave my area and go other side. He said you change your way. I said why you want to attack on me, he said that I never started fighting first, certainly to save my self I took any steps, I said I do not want to be your enemy, and He said then do not come near to me. I said can we be good friends, he said that every one may be happy with one color people; I said then bring your hand forward. He said that sound of drums are pleasant from long distance. I said after today I will not attack on you. He said so do I, I did my hand down side, he did down his head, then I took one step back side, he kept his head on the earth, I said him good bye, but from his side there was silence. I was going back, he was looking me, and he did not attack on me and did not say any bad word. I felt that he is not my enemy, but I feared that he is my enemy and he will attack on me and kill me but I wasn’t his enemy. He was also fearing that I am his enemy he also felt that I want to kill him, now it is a naturally process, that I am his enemy and he is mine, but I don’t want to do enmity with him and will not attack on him and I do not want to go in his area to disturb him. I want much more do friendship with him and finish forever enmity. But we couldn’t do it.
I don’t know how to do it…….
THE END.................
Written by Shaikof Baloch