How do i get to alone


I was going to my destination, the sun has replaced its place and to come very near to the earth, therefore the oasis of sends has been metallic and they were looking like reddish due to warm air to get breath it was difficult, it was like that there is no oxygen, surrounding me no any living thing found, to protect from sun light everyone was hiding himself, then I asked from the sun, why did you replaced your place, look due to you the walking is difficult no any living thing finds, every thing is hiding himself from your fearing, the earth do not tolerance hotness too. Sun answered, it is not time to ask question, it is time to hide yourself, I’m my own and I’m at one place, I do not change my place, it is earth which revolves around me, and today it changed its place and come near to me, I’m a molten fire, therefore do not try to come near me, you have to keep friendship at your own place, “ “ Then I asked from earth, haven’t you seen another day to go near the sun? earth answered that’, I rotate on my own self, today I felt cooled, I needed the warmth of the sun, due to this I turned my body to side of sun, you search a shadow of tree and deserve your self and earth became quit, I wanted to save my self from the plenty of warmth ness, I looked here and there but I didn’t find any tree with shadow, I adjust my self under a small tree, due to the smallest of tree the shadow was less, it was coming half of my body, I understood its blessing of God and put my head on the shadow of the tree, I had felt thirsty and I was having little water but that was also hot, when I try to drink water the water was not passing from my throat, when I tried to look around me, every where the earth was wasteland, now I could not go ahead and further backward, surrounding me there was no any living organism found, my one side was on shadow and other side was on sunlight, I was alone and I was compiled in front of the sun, the earth was busy with its sadness, every living thing was trying to hide himself, there was no any one between me and God, then I looked towards the God and said, ho my God! “The Day of Judgment comes before the death or after the death” no any reply from the upside. Then I asked my next question, did anyone sight my dead body in this position? Again there isn’t any reply. Then I asked the third question, for which goal I got out from home, is that remain incomplete? Also there was no reply. Then I asked the fourth and last question, will I leave this world without sight of any person? Also there wasn’t any reply. The Devil saw me in this position and he was laughing, then I asked from Devil, why are you laughing, did I asked any wrong question or I did any sin? Devil replied you asked fantastic questions but perhaps you don’t know the God don’t chat live with humans, when human became mad he will understand that the God is lived to him, now no one is here to save you from the dogs death, no one will achieve your sight, animals will divide your body in parts and eat them, your bones will be thrown every where, you will not get your destination till to that day when you didn’t obey me. Whatever you thought forget those and wait for your death no one will save you, come and act on my advice, I will make you a hero, there will be gossiping about you everywhere I will help you to earn money, when you became rich then people their self give you respect. Will you be my companion? I became emotional and I stood and said no it cannot be like this, I know that, if any one is no with you then God is with you, I fully believe on God, for which goal I got out from home, my that goal will be complete, who are you talking between me and my God, and I fully believe on my God, believe ness is the step of succeed. When I looked again towards Devil, that was not there, the shadow of trees were became large, the hotness of the sun was decrease, the water was cold, I took the name of God and drink water, then I looked around me the warmth ness of the land was also finished and I was feeling my self well, then I remember the saying of scholar “ when fate is kind of someone it will take its exam to put him in difficulties even the man is strong to put crown of success on his head” Now I was getting energy to my legs and I blessed to the God and carry on to my destination.
The End…..
Written by Shaikof Baloch