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Excel course online

MSExcel introduction

MSExcel Worksheet

MSExcel menu

MSExcel workplace

input data in Cell

input text data

MSExcel input numbers

input math expression


input formula

input mathematical formula

input function

function payment

save data

open save data

find data

Cell interval

select non adjust cells

move select cells data

cut selected table

copy selected data

copy buffer data

copy group of cells

copy formula

Cell reference

change cell name

delete row and column

Extract column and row

Move data

Align cell data

Merge and center cells

Wrap cell data

Change number format

Input zero value

Format text

Insert border and color

Auto format

Hide grid lines

Insert password

Insert style

Move workbook

Create new template

Hide row and column

Copy only format

Print sheet

Page setup

Print preview

print preview toolbar in MSExcel

Create diagram

Delete diagram

Auto update chart

Change chart type

Input new data in chart

change chart interval

Create trend line