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Thank you for visiting our website www.shaigle.com is an online computer training company dedicated to providing quality computer certification and training products to everyone from beginning computer users to dedicated IT professionals.
By visiting our site you have taken the all important first step towards improving your job skills and market ability.An IIT certification proves you have the skills required to succeed in todays increasingly tight job market and earns you instant respect for your computer skills from quality employers nationwide.

  • Multiple choice test.

    Input your name, Father name, Email address then Click the "Start Test" button below to start exam. A question and the possible answer choices appear.
    Select the choice you find to be the correct answer of the question. Clicking on a choice saves it as your answer for the question.Each Question has 2 or 3 Marks Use Next button to move on to the next question in the test.There is no negative marking for wrong choices selected. you have one minute for every question to answer. if there is a confusion to answer then click next button to continue, otherwise you can lost your test. After you finish the test, click on the End Test button to submit your test and see your scorecard.
    Your result will save in database for two weeks, after that it will be delete from database.
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