20/03/19   SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia on Wednesday cut its annual intake of immigrants by nearly 15 percent, and barred some new arrivals from living in its largest cities for three years, in a bid to ease urban congestion.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison - who is trailing badly in the polls ahead of a federal election in May - hopes to tap into rising voter frustration over house prices and conges

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This sunlight is suitable for installation along the road, road, fence or garden, pool and balcony. This color changing lamp not only illuminates your path, but also projects a bright pattern onto the ground, which adds beauty to your home and garden.

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Latest News

Democrats target massage parlor proprietor linked to Trump

19/03/19   WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic congressional leaders have asked the FBI to investigate the founder of a Florida massage parlor chain who is an alleged acquaintance of President Donald Trump, according to a letter released on Monday.
House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate   [More......]

Trump complains he is being blamed for Christchurch attack

19/03/19    By AFP
WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump waded on Monday into the controversy over his response to the massacre of 50 people in two New Zealand mosques, complaining that he was being blamed for the tragedy.
“The Fake News Media is working overtime to blame me for the horrible    [More......]

Kabul confirms capture of 58 soldiers by Taliban

19/03/19    By AFP
HERAT: The Taliban have captured 58 Afghan border soldiers, the defence ministry said on Mon­day, after days of fighting which saw dozens of troops briefly chased into neighbouring Turkmenistan.
The ministry statement came after reports of days of fighting in Bala Marghab di   [More......]

China says 13,000 Xinjiang 'terrorists' arrested since 2014

18/03/19    By AP
China says it has arrested nearly 13,000 people it describes as terrorists in the traditionally Islamic region of Xinjiang since 2014 and broken up hundreds of "terrorist gangs".
The figures were included in a government report on the situation in the restive northwestern terr   [More......]

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Balochistan Natural Resources

Balochistan Natural Resources

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Common Resources of Balochistan including Gas, Petroleum, Marble, Chromite, Flourate, Barite, Asbestos, Garnet, Vermiculite, gold, copper, Iron, and so on. Which are of Big significance in this day and age. The region of Balochistan 750 kilometer long has been announced the passage of monetary .
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Balochistan Nushkal»

Nushki Balochistan

Nushkal is one of the region of Balochistan. The Nushkal organization was assumed control from the Khan of Kalat by the Indian government in 1896, Nushkal is situated in the north of Balochistan, east with Quetta and Chaghai District in the west.
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Nushkal Balochistan

  • Nushkal

  • Elementary College

  • Prospectus Elementary College

  • Modal high school

  • Play and download games

  • Download games free

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    Bushes and herbs

    Herbs names in Balochi

    Arwa - اروہ - A bush with poisonous seeds used in medicine
    Izgindh - ازگند - The drug for fever
    Ispanthan - اسپنتان - Harmala seed used as a drug
    Aashish - آشاس - A bush drug used for cough
    Birnjak - برنجک - Medicine for cough

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    English to Balochi Translator

    English to Balochi Translator

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    Build a sample Dictionary»

    build dictionary

    In our example Balochi Application, you will figure out how to assemble a basic Balochi lexicon. The terms are English words and each of English word is made an interpretation of into Balochi dialect, word is chosen from the rundown or it is written into the inquiry box.
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    GIS Module


    For development of GIS Module you must have following Tools:
    GPS Receiver: To take Coordinates of the school/Building area from Satellite.
    Google Earth: To Connect with World Map.
    GIS Module Software: To Draw the Map.
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    School Information


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    (BEMIS) Balochistan Education Management Information System Directorate of Education Schools (DOS) Balochistan is playing its unique role in the Provincial Education Department since 1990. It has the credit to publish Annual School Census consecutively without gap since 1990 which is a benchmark and known as a heart and soul of Balochistan Education Department.
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    Online Virtual Keyboard

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    This is a Balochi, Brahvi, Urdu, Persian, Arabic Online virtual keyboard, that helps you write Balochi, Brahvi, Urdu, Persian, Arabic words and phrases more easily on the Internet.
    This helps you learn the directions of writing Balochi, Brahvi, Urdu, Persian, Arabic letters. You can use our Virtual keyboard with letters or words.
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    Novel - Love Story

    Novel Love story

    Rishi belonged to a good family. He loved his parents, His parents also loved him. Rishi was a brilliant boy. He recognized as a capable and intelligent student and a simple guy. He had love in his heart. He was anxious to get rid of the ignorance of his people. He met people with smile and gracious. His eyes were filled with tears of love. He did not want to hurt anyone's by heart.
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    Windows 8 installation


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    The Balochistan Education Sector Plan (BESP) has been created by the Policy Planning and Implementation Unit (PPIU) on the premise of a point by point Analysis attempted from July 2011 to January 2012 with the help of the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
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    Sports News

    Afghanistan seal historic maiden Test victory

    19/03/19    By AFP
    DEHRADUN (India): Afghanistan claimed their first ever victory in Test cricket on Monday, beating fellow newcomers Ireland in what captain Asghar Afghan hailed as a historic day for the war-torn country.
    Afghanistan and Ireland both achieved full member status of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2017, becoming only the 11th and 12th teams to play the long format o
    [More News....]

    United face Messi again, City take on Tottenham

    16/03/19    Sports
    NYON: Barcelona will meet Manchester United in the Champions League last eight in a repeat of the 2009 and 2011 finals which were both won by the Catalans, with the help of goals from Lionel Messi.
    Manchester City face Tottenham Hotspur in an all-Premier League clash, their first European meeting, while Cristiano Ronaldos Juventus meet Ajax Amsterdam, who are back in the
    [More News....]

    Karachi Kings out of PSL 2019 as Islamabad United persevere with 4-wicket victory

    15/03/19    BY Sports Desk
    Islamabad United successfully chased the 162-run target set by Karachi Kings in the nail-biting 2019 Pakistan Super League showdown between the two sides at the Karachi National Stadium on Thursday.
    With this loss, the Kings have been kicked out of the tournament, whereas United are yet to secure a place in the finals, with one more face-off left to triumph in. Unit
    [More News....]

    Superb Ronaldo hat-trick lifts Juve into CL quarters

    14/03/19   Agencies
    TURIN: Cristiano Ronaldo made a mockery of Atletico Madrids vaunted defense, and then mocked its coach as well.
    Ronaldo scored a hat trick against the normally resilient Spanish side to send Juventus into the Champions League quarterfinals with a 3-0 win on Tuesday as the Bianconeri fought back from a two-goal first-leg defeat.
    The former Real Madrid player bla
    [More News....]

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